Users can share & invite others. New installers get the App content they were sent.

Custom Audiences

Sync your Segments to Facebook to Re-engage or Acquire More Valuable "Look-a-Like" Users.

Viral & Referral Tracking

Track your power sharers. Reward them based on new installs or activity. Segmentation finds more like them.

Personalized Onboarding

New installers get a unique experience based on how they discovered your App.

Triggered Engagement

Powerful automation engine for real-time engagement decisions you can trust.

Automated Segmentation

Know your churning users and high value users. Target them with custom campaigns.

Add the SDK in Minutes







Take Control & Influence the User Lifecycle

Move users from low to high value segments through targeted and relevant engagement campaigns. Engineered to give App owners the capability to create simple programmed push to full automated campaigns to real time segments. Our Campaign console empowers App Product Managers & Marketers to achieve the same results without needing extra coding.