Get Started the Way You Want

Integrate with your Analytics

Get Immediate Insights &
Automation with the data you already have.
Churn Detection & Reduction.
Simple Push & Email Automation

Access Full Marketing Automation Platform

An open-source SDK gives you rich
& real time Marketing Automation
Deeplinks, Referral Programs, Re-engagement Campaigns, A/B Splits, Drip Sequences for Push & Email

Minutes to Integrate

Connects in minutes with Mixpanel, Flurry, Segment or Amplitude.
No need for developers!

Leverage Analytics

Makes your analytics actionable.
Don’t wait months for the data to build before you can automate.

Immediate Insights

Data-Driven Recommendations for Predictive Personalised Engagement.
Know your churning users and high value users.
Target them with custom campaigns

Automate User Growth

Powerful real time push notifications, email, sms for personalized messaging to get them back into your App.
Engage with users before they churn

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