About Us

David Jones

Co-Founder & CEO

David is a serial entrepreneur who previously founding CEO of Surfcontrol Email Filter (now WebSENSE) and ThreatMetrix - a Gartner "Visionary" Web Fraud Protection company.

Each of these companies process "big-data" in real-time for actions.

StreetHawk's Engagement Automation continues the tradition - allowing Apps to interact in real-time (or "right-time) with their App users.

StreetHawk is privately and Venture-backed by 500Startups - one of the most active US VCs.

Originally starting as a shopping App, we discovered that location, personal preference & relevant push are the pre-conditions for high engagement.
Retention rates were huge. Only 28% churn over the month - it was exactly the opposite of the norms for most Apps today. But we were too early - before iBeacons we could not prove to retailers we were driving footfall and in-store purchases.
So we added our Automation to existing Retail-based Apps - we were mostly geofence focussed...but they wanted more!
"Can I send a gift voucher if a loyal customer is near the store in the week before their birthday?"

So we built it. Now, StreetHawk is by far the most comprehensive Automation platform for Apps & Mobile Web.

We live mobile

With SDK or Analytics ingestion, we will save you weeks of work and let you stay focussed on the core features of your App.

Regardless of whether you are developing a game, fitness app, a restaurant finder, B2B/B2E Apps or the latest location-based travel App - the StreetHawk Platform will automate and engage your users journey.

  • Drag and Drop Campaigns have made it simple to automate reach to my users

    — Valarie Pettis
  • Not only can I deliver transactional or lifecycle push but I can see the performance and then optimize

    — Scott Stevenson