LBS & Shopping outside San Francisco

Feb 9

LBS & Shopping outside San Francisco

For those who listen (or are part of) the hi-tech echo chamber that is known as “Silicon Valley” – its easy to believe that mobile commerce was solved many years ago – this is because much venture capital is poured into marketing of solutions looking for a problem.

However, its true that now we have a huge convergence – even in Australia there are several forces aligning to make “Location Based Services” a reality:
1. Smartphones (iPhone and Android)
2. 3G and WiFi
3. Web APIs, JSON

At StreetHawk, we also think that the Australian retail sector’s woes (of diminished consumer spending and increased online shopping) can be counteracted by leveraging the convergence of the 3 factors above. Its going to be an interesting 2011 for retailers who are willing to be agile!

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