Adwords for the Real World

May 17

Adwords for the Real World



I became involved in StreetHawk because I like shopping, and I especially like shopping for deals. I am famous for this (at least amongst my friends!), and because of that David approached me to be a StreetHawk co-founder.

Besides being an outstanding shopper, David also knew I was a direct marketing specialist, and that my whole career has been about creating profitable ongoing relationships, directly, with customers using databases and smart offers.

StreetHawk started with a simple product concept – allow retailers to serve deals to shoppers via their phones. However it quickly morphed into something more meaningful (and lets face it, complicated and unmanageable at times) – the creation of brand new media platform.

What StreetHawk is becoming is a way to apply online tools to the real world, in real time. StreetHawk allows targeting – through deal personalization/ database tools, the ability to leverage social graphs, the ability to track ‘campaign’ effectiveness so retailers can learn and improve to deepen profitable relationships with their customers.

Of course all online advertising needs to be paid for, so how should retailers pay to access this new media?  As mobile stands on the shoulders of internet advertising it makes sense that mobile advertising should be performance based. After years of buying media, this is what I always wanted to see, and in fact I think even the traditional media world (Newspapers, Radio, TV etc) is moving this way.

Performance based costs assure Return on Investment, and zero waste advertising. Why pay for advertising that doesn’t hit the target market, or pay for ads that get no response?

I am putting our money where our mouth is – retailers pay for effective advertising, and more when it works, at a level that provides good profitability. This has got to be worth splashing some advertising and promotion budget on.

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