Groundswell of Mobile in retail – Report

Jun 7

Groundswell of Mobile in retail – Report

JiWire has released their “Q1 Mobile Audience Insights report“. Its a pretty interesting report with naturally increasing trends – whilst the report reflects North American behaviours, it is indicative of local trends as well.

Two particular points stand out:

  1. Mobile (and specifically) Location Based capabilities are now being used for much more than Google Maps and checkins.
  2. Deal Sharing – this was a pretty interesting statistic and I thank JiWire for having the foresight to survey it!

Lets have a look at the numbers (click on the images to get a closer look):

Whilst searching for shops etc remains dominant, the emergence of social connection and deal shopping is clearly happening. The strong uplift of “Connecting with others” is probably primarily driven by the improvements in Facebooks platform but also the wave of instant/group messaging applications that were the rage of SXSW.

The marginal uplift in Sales/Coupons indicates that no clear breakout leader has emerged. Many companies are trying to figure out the spaces and the segment is yet to “cross-the-chasm”


Whats fascinating about this statistic is that most age groups and both genders are showing interest and actively sharing local deals. This shows that SmartPhones are becoming viable platforms for live crowdsourcing of financial benefit. I can expect some group models to emerge to incent virality of a shared deal.



I might do more posts on this report but just one last takeaway for this is “10% decrease of people not interested in location-based services”. Clearly the mass market now understands the potential and that means a larger pie for all companies who take a leadership position.


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