4 tips for retailers on mobile commerce

Jul 14

4 tips for retailers on mobile commerce

With “End-of-Financial Year” out of the way we wanted to kickoff with some tips for retailers to think about in the second half. Our goal is to help educate retailers about location-based services to help start the fightback against eCommerce!

Get a smartphone, if you are not already across the technology. Then talk to your GenY counter staff, find out how they are searching for information on their smartphone. Ask them what things other than texting and facebook they use their phones for. GenY likely have valuable understanding of how business will be done in the future, the problem might be that you’ve been telling them what to do rather than listening to them.

Get to know Social Media. The larger retailers now understand that “playing” or being social with their customers increases engagement, loyalty and ultimately transactions.

If you are behind the curve, start by installing Twitter and check out a few brands that do “Social” really well, For example: billabong in apparel/lifestyle and wagamama in food have a great fan communication on twitter/facebook. Telstra now have responsive presence for marketing and customer service with apparently 6 staff on social engagement.

OK, sure these are large companies….but think about how you (or your GenY staff) can tell a story around your place and brand. It won’t reap immediate benefits but its a good chance you will be forced to do it in the future. Social is rapidly picking up speed!

3. Learn what a QR Code is.

Leave a comment below if:

a) you have the best definition of what QR’s can be used for.

b) want me to explain QR codes and how they can be used. (I might to a full post on them if encouraged).


Give StreetHawk a call or drop us an email. We can provide some insight about how we can help you get live with a “Location Based” advantage over eCommerce.

For extra credits, you can also Read our posts on upcoming NFC (Near Field Computing) and Mobile Wallet stuff.

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