84% use mobile while shopping

Jul 22

84% use mobile while shopping

Today’s shoppers are no longer alone while they shop – they have their trusty phones out, and in use.

But what are they doing with their phones when shopping?

This is something every brand and retailer needs to get to grips with – and fast. Shopping behaviour has NOW CHANGED, but as brands struggle to get to grips with online and the host of other social media now available to them, their greatest opportunity – building on in-store sales, is escaping them.

WhiteHorse recently completed a report – The Future of In-Aisle Mobile: A Framework for Consumer-Centered Innovation – which found that 84% of shoppers use their phones when they shop. This figure is the highest I’ve seen, however there is no doubt there is an upward movement in this stat wherever it is reported.




The 16% who didn’t use their smartphones when shopping were consistent in their reasons for not doing so – basically boiling down to a preference for ‘quick hit’ shopping, rather than a research mode of shopping.

Interestingly, items that need a lot of consideration (expensive, complicated) are not the only items to get mobile scrutiny. 42% use their smartphones in the supermarket (now that’s a place a really want to get in and out of in a hurry!).









So This is a real opportunity for brands to use QR codes on their product to satisfy  information-hungry shoppers.

Whether shoppers have direct retailer support or not, the most common activies customers are engaged in are:

– 70% are comparing prices

– 67% are acessing product reviews

– 61% are looking for specific store information – hours, other locations.

Hats off to the 13.4% who looked up assembly or useage instructions – I don’t even do that when I have bought the product home. . .









Find the report here: http://whitehorse-stage.whitehorse.com/resources/#

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