Social on Mobile – not just for Gen Y

Jul 5

Social on Mobile – not just for Gen Y

As the phenomenon of So-Lo-Mo (Social, Local, Mobile) continues to play out, we will find more and more relevant stats about why this space is so relevant for advertisers.

It’s really hard to find much around the demographics of who is using mobile and apps – especially in Australia.

But what some retailers have told me with an older demographic is that ‘well, my shoppers just don’t use smartphones’.

Without anything to back me up, I have been unable to dispute this, however my gut is telling me that with nearly 50% smartphone uptake in Australia, and older people using their phones more than PCs, this is not the case.

I came across this infographic today – and what surprised me was that social media use on mobile is nearly 50/50 male/female (actually when I think about how much my male friends gabber on FB I am not surprised), and that the biggest useage were the 35 – 54s. That’s my age group – Gen Xers – and even lagging Boomers… what! Are you telling me that it’s not just the discontented Gen Y’s that spend all their time on FB?! Clearly not!

The Mobile space is clearly relevant to pretty much all advertisers with varying customer demographics, and the sooner we realise this and start testing, the better!






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