ADMA Forum: DM on the Street

Aug 18

ADMA Forum: DM on the Street

Yesterday David and I presented at ADMA Forum. As it is sometimes hard to find presentations on Prezi I thought I would post it here.

The most tweeted about subjects were:

– 33% of us would prefer to give up sex for a week than go without our mobile phone

– Larry Page’s ‘searchless search’ and what that might mean for Google Offers and Wallet, and their very recent buy of Motorola

– David’s ‘Muffin Apocalypse’ – the future of location based offers looks grim unless FB, Foursquare etc get smart about personalisation and relevance. Having constant mobile phone alerts about free muffins and coffee – and your FB wall filled with your ‘closes friends’ telling you about their great food deals too, is not a future any of us will want.

At StreetHawk (then StreetHawk) we are creating a product that becomes a shopper’s best friend – their personal shopper hunting out the deals they want, around them right on the streets right now. Without this high level of personalisation, we don’t believe even the big boy’s apps will be well engaged with.

Here’s the link – beware it can create motion sickness (and that’s not just the speed in which this area is moving and changing!)




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