Another Mobile Initative from Topshop

Aug 23

Another Mobile Initative from Topshop

When I was living in London a few years ago, I used to enjoy watching the Topshop Podcast during my tube grind to work. That and the Hawaii Surf Report got me by during those frequent face-in-armpit experiences. (If you have traveled on the London tube in peak hour – you know what I’m talking about.)

Topshop have kept innovating in this space (aren’t they just fab innovators all round?) over the last couple of months with digital and mobile initiatives developed to draw visitors into shops and more thoroughly engage them while they’re there. See the augmented reality-powered fitting room in its flagship store in Moscow, followed by Instagram-styled photoshoots at outlets in the U.S., UK and Ireland.

Topshop’s latest venture to lure back-to-schoolers into shops involves real-world location-based game sensation SCVGER. SCVGER is a US based company, whose founder and CEO Seth Priebatsch is keen to add a game layer on top of the real world. If you’re interested in game mechanics, then this guy’s a guru.


From mashable:

Beginning September 5, anyone within a 500 meter radius of a Topshop location can play the game via SCVNGR’s apps and choose the reward they want —  a 20% instore discount or a chance to win a £500 shopping spree — and complete challenges to achieve the required number of points.

As with Neiman Marcus’s SCNVGR campaign last spring, challenges are designed to get shoppers more thoroughly engaged with merchandise. Participants will be asked to snap photos of their favorite “back to college” outfits and items corresponding with certain trends, among other tasks.

The program won’t end once class is in session, new challenges and rewards will be released October 6.

Why this is significant for SVGER is that it is the first first major brand partnership outside of North America. As such, SCVNGR will be an unfamiliar name to most — “our presence in the UK is small, but growing fast,” admits Priebatsch — but the app is relatively intuitive to first-time users and, unlike location-based social networks, it doesn’t require a large existing userbase to be successful.’.


I am also following Seth’s move into location-based offers. He wants to create loyalty in the daily-deals space by offering more rewards for coming back to a venue once you have bought from there. He knows from gaming that if someone does something more than 3 times, then inertia is created to keep customers coming back. (Have a look around for ‘Level Up’). This closely parallels my experience in consumer based direct marketing. Create engagement and you end up being a habit.






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