Mobile > Desktop Users within 5 YEARS*?

Aug 3

Mobile > Desktop Users within 5 YEARS*?

My bet is that it will be much faster than that. I am a betting lady, but this seems to be a no-brainer to me with the current rate of smartphone and tablet adoption.

I downloaded a whitepaper today, Webtrend’s ‘Developing a Strategy for Mobile Maturity and Investment’. It was OK, but it did list a few stats that are good to be reminded of, in one place. Sorry about the US stats, again…

Mobile adoption has quickly achieved a scale that brands cannot ignore. And it will just keep growing.

* Currently, four out of every 10 mobile customers in the U.S. uses a smartphone, according to a recent Interactive Advertising Bureau study released July 2011.

* Over 26 million people in the U.S. will be using tablets this year, growing to 82 million in just four years, according to Forrester Research, 2011.

* iTunes App Store now offers nearly 450,000 apps, which raced past 10 billion downloads in January 2011

* Retailer eBay achieved more than $2.5 billion in sales through mobile in 2010 and expects to double that amount in 2011.

* Source: Stanley Research

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