Mobile helps make shopping theatre

Aug 10

Mobile helps make shopping theatre

The retail forums and groups I have been following have been ablaze with chatter about how retailers biggest threat isn’t online, but their general lack of enthusiasm for getting the basics of bricks-and-mortar retail right. I can’t comment as I am not a retail expert, but I can say that I haven’t been very enthusiastic about retail shopping for awhile and for a shop-a-holic that is telling.

There has also been a lot of chatter about whether technology could be the saviour of bricks-and-mortar. One of the strengths of retail is that it can provide a multi-sensory experience, or as one forum commentator called it ‘theater’, and I think they are right.

I loved living in London and visiting Oxford street – now their retailers really know about drama. Selridges, Henley’s, Harrods (OK not Oxford St but you know what I mean!) and I don’t know – just going into Topshop or even French Connection there always seemed special.

Across the pond Macy’s has been using mobile technology (QR Codes) to dramatise their shopping experience to to get customers back in-store and get involved with their merchandise (I am sure there is probably a technical retail term for this…).

A few months ago they had a campaign based around a window event based around getting dressed for the Met with Daphne Guiness which was advertised via QR codes.

This campaign is called ‘Backstage Pass’ and it uses QR codes on in-store products to connect shoppers to videos of designers and information about the latest fashion trends. In their words:

“With Macy’s Backstage Pass mobile codes, customers get trend and fashion advice right from the source as they browse the product in-store. This initiative creates unique interactions between the designers, Macy’s and the consumer, which ultimately enhances their overall shopping experience with us.”

Once the codes are scanned shoppers also go in the draw to win a daily shopping spree worth up to $500. Now that is enough to get a lot of people in-store every day, day after day.

Technology might not be the magic wand to cure retailers woes, but I think if it is used effectively it can certainly add some fun back into bricks-and-mortar shopping – the red and white signs just aren’t doing it for me anymore.

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I think there is no doubt that  Macy’s are following their ‘Getting Dressed for the Met’ QR campaign with a followup ‘Backstage Pass’.

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