ADMA Group Buying Discussion

Sep 16

ADMA Group Buying Discussion

As I have ‘famously’ said that Group Buying will be dead within a year (well, it will have to pivot to survive its irrelevance to consumers, and provide profit and loyal customers to merchants…), I was asked to be involved in a Group Buying public discussion for ADMA, on Tuesday night.

On the panel were heavy hitting CEOs from Spreets and Living Social (Dean McEvoy and Colin Fabig), Tony Melhem from Coco Cubano (also deputy chair of the Franchise Council of Australia) and Damien Donnelly of Salmat/Lasoo.

Leon Spencer from Direct Magazine penned this article which covers the main points. Next week a report from Telsyte will be released which will show where the Australian industry is at, which I will blog about for the ADMA blog. It will be interesting to compare to the the US industry who is further along the maturity curve for this sector.





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