Mobile Content Much Be Search Optimised

Sep 29

Mobile Content Much Be Search Optimised

Making your mobile site search optimised was a strong suggestion from the Online Retailers Mobile Track on Monday. I thought the below article from Mobile Marketing summed it up well. Also, good but obvious (?) advice about running mobile ads and search campaigns – make the site web optimised or you’ve wasted your money. No one wants to pinch and zoom anymore, got it people!?

Mobile content must be search-optimized for ideal results: OMMA Global panelist

By Rimma Kats

September 28, 2011

NEW YORK – An executive at OMMA Global said that marketers need to optimize their mobile content through mobile search or they will miss a big opportunity with users.

During the “Agony and Ecstasy: App and Mobile Web Planning in a Fragmented World” session, panelist discussed how deploying media and marketing across the various flavors of Android, iOS, smartphone, tablet and mobile Web has proven to be a major source of pain and indecision in deploying mobile campaigns. The panel was moderated by Frank Sinton, CEO of MeFeedia, Los Angeles.

“You have to optimized your mobile content through mobile search,” said Brian Klais, founder and president of Pure Oxygen Labs, Madison, WI. “That’s how it’s getting searched – through mobile.

“When users click on a search link through their mobile device and it’s not mobile-optimized – it’s agony,” he said. “We don’t get the mobile page we’re looking for and we have to pinch and zoom and that sucks.

“We hate that as consumers.”

Different strokes
According to Mr. Klais, there are content diversions that are happening and not content diversions.

“The way that we search from our devices is different than the way that we do it from our desktop,” Mr. Klais said. “It’s much more immediate and that trend will continue.”

According to Thom Kennon, senior vice president of strategy at Y&R, New York, search is tough on the mobile device.

However, generic top-level domains are going to change all of that.

“Discovery is very expensive for brands,” Mr. Kennon said. “And generic top-level domains is going to be the tip of the spear.”

Mobile apps
The executives discussed whether HTML5 or mobile apps work better for brands.

Although many agreed that the mobile Web is more superior, James Smith, chief revenue officer at Flixster, New York, said that apps are an ideal choice for the company.

“We don’t mind building for lots of different platforms,” Mr. Smith said. “However, we would like to see a greater return on investment.

“We still see it as an app world,” he said. “We’re very focused on the app world.”

Mr. Smith also said that Apple’s operating system is ideal to build an app on.

“We see a lot more engagement on our Apple devices,” Mr. Smith said. “The Android Market is so fragmented.

“We continue to support other platforms and are making a bet on Windows Phone 7 – not just their smarpthones but their tablets as well,” he said.

David Gill, Austin, TX-based vice president of client services, mobile media and marketing at Nielsen said that Apple and Android are the two top platforms.

“The third platform is the risky one,” Mr. Gill said.

Although smartphone adoption is gradually increasing, Mr. Gill said that another device will be a big trend in the coming months.

“This holiday season is going to be huge for tablets,” Mr. Gill said.


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