Oops and Doh – Online Retailer

Sep 27

Oops and Doh – Online Retailer

I very much enjoyed chairing the Online Retailer Mobile Commerce Track yesterday – so thanks very much to Grant Arnott for the opportunity. I thought the speakers were all fab, and interestingly enough were singing from the same hymn sheet when they suggested retailers build m-site before they build apps (better for money, time-to-market and upkeep, esp. when you are in multiple markets e.g. Craig from Belron ie. ‘O,O,O, O’Brien’ to you and me).

We at StreetHawk (then StreetHawk) of course have built an app (for iPhone) because we are Location Based (integrate with maps in real time), and have the ability to do alerts, use the camera function etc etc. Apps are also the fastest growing media in the world and we now spend more time in apps than on the web… so if you can make an app part of someone’s daily routine, we think that is where the bigger game will be won and will outweigh the initial hassles. As David my co-founder says, if you are after brochure-ware, then m-sites are the way to go, if you want something to integrate actively with a person’s routine, then apps are the way to go. All speakers were of course mentioned that it is a horses-for-courses scenario.

Anyway, as it is with any speaking engagement, you look back on a few things you have said… and regret them. So here’s my list for yesterday:

* QR codes Vs. Barcodes – I knew the answer to this but as I am not a technical co-founder I always mistrust myself when on-the-spot. The main different (audience question for Salmat) b/w barcodes and QR codes is that a barcode is just a number, whereas a QR code can store a bunch of information incl. urls which give them the ability to link to the digital world which is a fantastic feature for smartphones. However, there may be apps in the future who will be able to do more with barcodes…

* Yes you can scan barcodes with apps like Redlaser – I think I did mention this but more ‘on the side’. Great for price comparison shopping.

* Re. future of payments with NFC asked by a lady in the audience. This is a big topic, probably a good one for Paul at PayPal. The infographic below is a good summary, however a stat for you: 85% of point-of-sale (POS) terminals will support near-field communications (NFC) for mobile payments by 2016, according to a recent report by ABI Research. Currently, only about 10% of POS terminals support contactless payments.

* Paul Buchanan from PayPal – sorry I mispronounced your name. I was more worried about making sure I got Joerg Krahnert’s name right (actually not hard really..). And… I also missed the first part of the subject title (was on another page). A real Doh moment!

* Already apologised to Steve Cheshire from Stamford Interactive for forgetting to warn him 5 minutes out when he was actually keen for me to do this! Too busy tweeting his pressie – lots of practical advice. I wish the others had given me their twitter handles too.

I am sure there were many others, but hey – there are worse things 🙂

If you are still at the conference, I hope to get to the exhibition over the next couple of days.







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