Infographic: Rise of social ad spend

Oct 4

Infographic: Rise of social ad spend

I have a few infographics from Flowtown today. I am no social media expert, but as someone firmly entrenched in mobile I do recognise that social, mobile and local (So-Lo-Mo) make pretty good bedfellows. Our StreetHawk is built to incorporate and make the most of this trend. If you are not thinking about So-Lo-Mo can work for your business, start thinking about it now and build it into everything you do so you can keep up with your customers.

This first infographic breaks down where our social media dollars are being spent, shows forecasts for social ad revenue to 2013. Some interesting facts:

* Facebook now has 50% of the words social media ad revenue at $1.76 billion in 2010, that’s up 165% from 2009

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