Rich media pushes mobile clicks

Oct 26

Rich media pushes mobile clicks

There is quite a bit in the article below. The fact that people click rates are lifted significantly with the use of rich media in  mobile ads (something we instinctively knew when we built the StreetHawk app), to the deactivation by developers of apps on android vs apple… and finally the fact that app and browser traffic on mobile is split 50/50. There’s something new in this space to learn every day.

In mobile, rich media pushing clicks

Mobile may be pushing an increasing amount of online traffic, but new data from Jumptap indicates that rich media, specifically, is pushing mobile clicks. Their research, conducted in September, found that the use of rich media in mobile campaigns increased click-thrus for Retail, Restaurant, Electronics and Auto categories.

by Kristina Knight, Biz Report, October 25, 2011

Jumptap is reporting mobile click-thru increases of between 200% (one athletics manufacturer) and 455% (quick-service restaurant client) when rich media was added to their mobile display ads.

“The demand for relevant, dynamic content is growing. Advertisers want targeting combined with ad units that engage consumers and promote brand awareness,” said Paran Johar, CMO, Jumptap. “With ad units that facilitate user interaction including video and audio, rich media offers higher performance levels and greater measurement.”

Meanwhile Jumptap’s Mobile STAT report finds Android smartphones old a 47% share of the mobile space. Much of Android’s base is app-connected, meaning they are more likely to ‘browse’ via app that straight from the mobile browser.

Stats indicate that one-third (37%) of apps have been deactivated from Android’s store since 2008; Apple, meanwhile, has deactivated 24% and Windows has deactivates 13%. So are Apple or Windows apps better? Not necessarily. It could be that Apple and Microsoft are more diligent about keeping outdated apps out of their marketplaces.

It could also be that, because Android’s system allows for more testing, that developers are uploading more versions of apps within that space than within other marketplaces. In fact, the average developer in Android’s space has uploaded 6 apps since launching compared to Apple’s 4-per-developer average.

With more consumers browsing the mobile web rather than going straight to apps, does it really matter? Actually, yes, because the split between app traffic and browser traffic is about 50/50.

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