Apps to help silly season shopping

Nov 28

Apps to help silly season shopping

Business Insider have put together a list of shopping apps (US of course) that help you with your holiday shopping.

There’s apps to help you find the nearest pubs, toilets (memorably called ‘Sit or Squat’), find your parked car, collate your coupons, keep track of sales and more.

ShopSavvy has been downloaded 20m times and allows you to scan products to find the best prices in-store and online. Goodzer sounds a bit like StreetHawk – it helps you find the items you are looking for around you on the streets. They also call themselves a personal shopper… I discover more and more shopping apps every day and it’s always hard to know whether to feel like a ‘me too’ or that you are on the right track with these things! It’s where they’re going of course that counts. StreetHawk has the ability to learn more about people’s behaviour as they travel around the real world and actively shops for them, we have built a formidable product (still to launch…).

Of course there will be millions of apps out there, but the question is who will survive the high lack of engagement that most of us have with our apps. Unless there is real utility there’s really no point in building one.



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