Smartphones aid print advertising

Nov 28

Smartphones aid print advertising

I have spent most of my career making traditional media work hard for the direct products I was selling.

If you could make inserts work for the cost, they were always the more effective than print ads (or off-the-page) – better response and better customers because you had more space to tell them about your product. (I have spent a lot of my career selling ‘continuity’ or ‘partworks’, so the quality of the customers was paramount to breaking-even).

But now you can pretty much have a catalogue coming off the back of a print ad by using smartphones well. I love that. It is always such a chore figuring out which products to display (usually the ones you know pull the most people but you have to balance that with wanting to show that you have a breadth of products). Now you can just display the product that grabs attention, and then have a catalogue interact with a smartphone to show more of the shop. Genius and easy.

This is a great example of one from Murat Paris Jewellers.








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