Chetan Sharma ’12 Mobile Predictions

Jan 5

Chetan Sharma ’12 Mobile Predictions

The folks at Chetan Sharma consulting have published their annual Mobile Predictions survey.

Industry leaders are asked their opinion on trends for the following year. In the land down under it’s easy to miss some of the major trends evolving so there were a couple in here that surprised me.

What was the most newsworthy event in mobile in 2011 – the rise and domination of Android. Something we haven’t seen in the Australian market yet but I believe it is coming so start building your app now – we certainly are. And with Google being voted the most open player in the mobile eco-system hands-down, that is not such a bad thing for creators in this space. We are having a few tussles with Apple, and I can tell you having your life depend on the whims of another organisation is no picnic.

No surprises in the breakthrough category in 2012 being mobile payments and mobile commerce. I still think mobile payments has a way to go – only in that consumers will take awhile to trust this method of payment. Although the stats from surveys in this area are improving, pro-mobile payments consumers are no-where near the majority – yet.breakthrough category in mobile in 2012

The most popular consumer applications (that have been developed) are Mobile Payments and Commerce (commerce yes, but payments no as I have said), then Location Based Services (with around 70% of people using LBS now this is a no-brainer and is a strength of mobile). Third, Deals and Coupons.

In terms of tablet domination over the next couple of years, the survey was evenly split between iOS and Android. I don’t think anyone thinks that Apple will keep their current domination, esp. with the rise and rise of Android clearly being seen in the mobile sector.

The biggest mobile acquisitions in 2012 are predicted to come from Microsoft (OK, I guess this surprised me – should have seen that they need to keep in the game), and Google (no surprises there, they are pretty aggressive in their mobile vision).

Apps are set to make the most mobile data revenue in 2012 in North America, but for the rest of Asia (assuming Australia here), it is less than 10%.

Mobile is set to have the biggest impact on the retail sector first (by a long shot – over 40% of respondents) and then Health. I feel that StreetHawk is definitely in the right place at the right time, especially with our cloud data platform which is an ad network for mobile. To do what we did seemed absolutely the right thing to do, and we will see many others follow.enterprise segment

Nearly 50% of respondents saw that an Asian operator would acquire a major European operator.

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