Mobile Year in Review

Jan 4

Mobile Year in Review

Welcome to 2012. I am somewhat back at work, but it’s hard now the weather has decided to play nice and my co-founders are swanning around on hols here and Spain. It’s the price you pay to get away in February and make a quick trip to Dubbo Zoo!

It’s good to look back on 2011 when you are able to find a quiet moment, and for me it’s about fully realising the way smartphones have now profoundly changed the way we live and work. They are omnipresent, and we are addicted to them in a way that we had never imagined.  The world of digital connectedness has arrived, but organisations just haven’t quire worked out what to do with it yet. Luckily, consumers have. Just reading the stats – like the infographic below from Microsoft Tag – shouts loudly and clearly how people are using their phones.

The challenges on making mobile work for organisations are immense. There’s multiple platforms, very small screens, new technologies and if you have an app you are beholden to new media barons like Apple. Let’s face it, if you are doing anything in the space you are a rock-star pioneer, beating a path for your competitors to follow – if you actually manage to crack success. I think we have to really congratulate all those companies that gave the mobile space a go in 2011. We can all see that there are not any great winners, but we all instinctively know that this is the space you need to be in if your company is going to survive in years to come, especially if you play in consumer world.

This infographic from Microsoft Tag is a great summary of some of the key mobile stats of 2011.

What we all need to appreciate is that social and mobile are more than glued at the hip, they are conjoined twins. With 92% of users engaging the mobile internet to socialise, and with 1/3 of Facebook users using mobile (and 50% of Twitters base) organisations have to work out how to best use social to find a place in consumers lives.  Americans now spend 2.7 hours a day using their mobiles to socialise – where is their time to use traditional media? (Having said that, the good thing about TV is that you can use your mobile while in front of it – nearly 86% of mobile internet users are using their mobile device while watching TV.)

Smartphones are used while we are out and about, so another way we can grab consumers attention is while they are moving about in the real world. I predict outdoor advertising will have a renaissance as we all have to move about it the real world and we’re getting better in taking in a lot if information. With nearly 1/3 of mobile users being open to scanning a tag (e.g. QR code) to get a coupon, this gives retailers a chance to really make the most of the spaces they own and consumers move about in.

Some other key facts:

* 1 in 4 of the 4 billion mobiles on the planet is a smartphone

* Over half of local searches are performed on a mobile phone. If you are a bricks and mortar business, please make sure your business can be found on google etc.

* The most active social mobile grou: Women 35 – 54.







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