StreetHawk on the Money

Mar 1

StreetHawk on the Money

Well, we’re not in the money yet, but we will be soon :)

We are a start up. We have crazy ideas and time to think about what the future of shopping and money will look like. We look for trends and think big.

A year ago we starting putting together lot of ideas around what a shopping app could look like. We had too many ideas, and (perhaps!) implemented way too many of them – but we are now in the app store and taking this product to market.

Of course we have an even bigger vision just our wonderful StreetHawk app. We are essentially a mobile platform in the cloud that uses our home-made ‘RRR Matching Engine’ to match the Right Offer to the Right people, at the Right time. This could also be an incredible mobile advertising network, but one thing at a time. There’s just three of us!

eBay has spent $200 million over the last year or so acquiring players in the location shopping space – Red Laser, Milo etc. Groupon just purchased HyperPublic. We knew Group Buying would want to and need to move into this space, it is beginning to happen.

Our vision, and what we have built with StreetHawk looks pretty much like this. we’ve done it before eBay. Ah – to afford a video. ( I would hope ours wouldn’t be so cheesy, but left to our own devices we come up with mean looking hawks so I am not going to worry…).