Are Aussies using smartphones to buy?

May 9

Are Aussies using smartphones to buy?

I spend a bit of time watching the stats in the smartphone shopping space, both here and overseas. It’s how I indulge my inner geek because lord knows (and with pain, my co-founders and hubby) I am not a tech geek.

An article in StartUpSmart caught my eye today, and I gotta say the figures on smartphone shopping by Aussies was not near to what I have seen before. I know this because I remember the numbers that count (in fact I have to use them all the time pitching to investors and potential business partners, so my inner geek comes in handy).

The article was about a research conducted by Roy Morgan on online buying, but it did comment on smartphone purchasing, and commented that ”Australians half as likely as their UK counterparts to use an app or smartphone to buy something’.

This is very different to the stats I have seen in Google’s My Mobile Plantet ( and elsewhere. It could be methodologies, or sample sizes, or just incorrect comparisons but basically My Mobile Planet found a very different set of figures for Australians, nothing at all like the ones in the article:

Used an app:                                   AU 59% UK 60% US 67%
Used smartphone in-store:          AU 72% UK 68% US 82%
Purchased a product via phone: AU 26% UK 28% US 29%

If anyone at Roy Morgan or Google could provide a simple explanation, that would be great!

For our own shopping app StreetHawk, we are finding that 30% of shoppers are using the app week to week. I think the appetite for Australians to use smartphones in shopping is there – and more than that, is happening right now in large numbers!


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