Aussie use of mobile stats

May 14

Aussie use of mobile stats

A great new report from TNS that profiles 46,000 people in 56 countries around the world – including ours!

As with my post last week, if we compare our stats to the US’s, there really is very little difference. Other than activities like scanning QR codes, we usually out-hit or are line-ball the US every time, including using apps for shopping. No surprises Roy Morgan didn’t come back to me last week re. their report which was just plain off the mark.

To do your own delving, go to:

Australian Mobile Stats
Number of mobiles: 22,500,000

Number of people: 21,766,711

So, we have more mobiles than people. So smartphone adoption is likely to end up being over 100%b as suspected….

42% currently use Location Based Services

46% use social networking

46% currently use wi-fi

50% use apps

19% use QR codes, with 31% interested in doing so

13% use a mobile wallet, and 28% are interested in doing so

49% use email

58% web browse

Currently, 26% use shopping apps with another 11% interested in doing so. Pretty much line-ball with the US figures, with the UK having 30% using shopping apps.

It’s so nice to have actual stats for our market for a change, and have them make sense!

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