Aussies love their shopping apps

Sep 7

Aussies love their shopping apps

Getprice have released their 2012 Shopping Report (September 2012). Hooray – there’s more stats on mobile shopping for the Aussie market! Of course this data is not representative of all Australian shoppers (just the 3 million shoppers who use Getprice every month), but it is pretty indicative perhaps of what keen online shoppers are doing.

I’m about to do a blogpost on apps are for customers, mobile sites are for discovery. When you read the stats below, you realise you really can’t be out of the app store if you’re a retailer expecting your customers to come back time and again on a mobile device. Mobile sites are really just too slow and cumbersome for shoppers – they disengage pretty quickly when page downloads take more than a couple of seconds.

The most important results:

* Online shopping is the 3rd most popular activity on a mobile PHONE, trumping search engines and only behind reading and social-networking (I didn’t think it would be that high… but that’s great!).

* 83% of Australians use apps on their mobile devices

* 68% use their mobile device to access shopping apps at least once a week, with 27% accessing at least once a day!

* When shoppers are using shopping apps, 78% are browsing a product, 71% are comparing prices and 65% are accessing product reviews. 57% are BUYING PEOPLE, and 41% ave booked a hotel or restaurant.

* Online spending is on the increase, while monthly spending offline has not changed from 2011.

* 87% had bought online from an overseas retailer. 75% because of better prices, but 51% said they couldn’t find the products in Australia and 37% were looking for a wider range.

* Aussie online vs. offline shopping experiences: range of products and price, deals or discounts riles for online, but offline better for customer service.

* Over a quarter research online, buy offline (suggest this is higher for some categories like fashion where a UK report put it at 50%).

* Reasons for buying in bricks-and-mortar shops: 73% want to see the product before they buy it, 62% want the produce immediately and 49% don’t want to pay for postage.

What a shame more Aussie media owners don’t engage in more research around their (potential) mobile audience. I guess they’re still working out whether they need to be there. Guess what guys, YOU DO!






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