StreetHawk “Springboards” into US Networks

Feb 13

StreetHawk “Springboards” into US Networks

I thought I’d post a quick note on another milestone for StreetHawk.
This week our CEO Natasha was selected of just 8 companies for the Springboard program. Springboard has been running out of Washington DC for about 13 years as a mentoring organization and has some pretty impressive stats:

  • 509 companies
  • 83% of companies raised capital
  • $5.6B in capital raised
  • 10 IPOs
  • $Bs of revenue

Springboard’s primary thesis is to select great organisations that are led by female entrepreneurs. In this inaugural aussie program, things kick off with a bootcamp and several networking sessions with local and US alumni and connectors. The program then provides ongoing mentoring “for life” and serves as a great connector into US investors and customer organizations. Here is an article in The Australian.  (not sure why they think StreetHawk is a marketing company – sheesh!)

Its a great step for StreetHawk as we start to establish customers and partnerships in the US and already seeing action in Asia. So, if you read this and you are an ideal partner in the US or EU please drop us a line.

To learn more about Springboard check here.
Congratulations also to the 7 other great companies from this batch!:

  • AdAlta
  • Canva
  • IntelligenceBank
  • Single Serve
  • Switch Automation
  • Triplebackup
  • Utilitas

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