When Retail Met Mobile

Mar 18

When Retail Met Mobile

A blog post Kyoko Yanai (fab intern) and I did for the AGHA blog. http://blog.agha.com.au/2013/03/when-retail-met-mobile/

A collision of two great things leads to an exchange of energy; this is a basic law of physics. Currently in our world – two great things are already in collision. On one hand we have Retail, sitting amongst the world’s largest industries. On the other side, we have the Mobile revolution. This energy is what can be termed the “App & Mortar” economy.

A report done by Flurry on the shopping app category measures the time spent by consumers across more than 1,800 Smartphone shopping apps from December 2011 to December 2012.  In the Shopping sub-categories, retailer apps have grown drastically by 525% from December 2011 to December 2012, completely surpassing the growth of both the total shopping app growth of 274%, and the overall app growth 132%.

Time spent in Price Comparison and Purchase Assistant apps have also grown significantly, by 247% and 228%, respectively – but not as much as the retailer apps! Finally, Online Marketplace and Daily Deals apps have grown at 178% and 126% respectively.

Though these figures stem from American companies, the statistics for Australian shoppers are almost the same in terms of how we use apps in shopping. If we had more shopping apps here, I am sure the growth in usage would be similar. For example, the chart below shows how similar the US and Australia are in terms of smartphone influence on information search and actions.

With the booming customer revolution marching into the retail industries, there is a huge window of opportunity for innovative retailers to enrich their customers’ shopping experiences. Integration of the physical and virtual is vital for survival beyond 2013.

What this entails is shifting the focus of marketing efforts to a mobile-first strategy. With today’s burgeoning mobility, customers and retailers are connected 24/7. Having a mobile presence is no longer an optional luxury – but a survival tool.

Last words
Retailers are standing on the edge of something extraordinary. Seize this opportunity to plunge ahead by thinking mobile-first.

By Natasha Rawlings and Kyoko Yanai, StreetHawk

StreetHawk has delivered the first Right-Place, Right-Time Platform that connects Brands, Bricks and Mortar retailers with SmartPhone Shoppers. StreetHawk gives BAM retail superior intelligence and tools to what eCommerce is using to attract online shopping. StreetHawk leverages the new intersection of 3G, smartphones and GPS to empower retailers to win back and keep customers.

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