“Mobile: Evolution or Revolution” at SkunkMonk Meetup

Aug 23

“Mobile: Evolution or Revolution” at SkunkMonk Meetup

Chy, Ric, Sophia and the folks at Offis are a great hosting company who turn on a range of interesting networking events that always are topic driven.

the panel

The panel (except for me)

One of their events, SkunkMonk: is agency creatives and technologist imbibing a few cold ones and talking trends.

So I was on a scary-smart panel to discuss “Mobile: Evolution or Revolution”. Its no surprise that a room full of people who create digital art MOSTLY voted for revolution but it was truly telling that they were not seeing much of it in our Australian retail sector and that most innovation was perceived to be driven by big US players.

Key Takeaways were:

  • Get over privacy, even if you opt-out the person next to you is still opted in
  • Google Glass will change that as it will be pervasive. David Francis from Daqri had sat in a room with 10 people wearing the glasses and whilst shocked at first – he got used to it.
  • Casey Ellis from Bugcrowd said that mobile hasn’t had its “oh shit” moment. What he means is a security exploit of such magnitude and visibility that everyone says “Should I have really posted all my life details to Facebook?”
  • Dean Economou made us all happier by citing benefits on personalisation of healthcare and things like Wayze radically improving transport navigation. I did a quick show of hands who used Tripview and there were a lot of fans in the room who love the real-time bus/train updates.
  • Dean also nailed quote of the night with ‘We live in a society where making a call at a phone booth is now suspicious’
  • Both of Joe Millard of Vivant and Mike Boyd of Alpha Salmon showed they were ahead of the health curve sporting a Nike Fuelband and a Jawbone “up”. Talking with Joe later, he shared that Nike see themselves as a technology company of which mobile and pervasive is at the centre of that.
  • Both Mike and I are advocates for Apps rather than HTML5 solution in mobile and we discussed a little about how retailers overseas are doing a better job of defending against “Showrooming“. When a retailer releases or engages with customers using mobile apps, they have a better chance of driving traffic to store and keeping brand engagement once in-store. I will write a full post on this soon as I was surprised how few people knew and understood
  • Pretty much everyone agreed that QR codes have been too slow to use effectively as a real-world engagement tool. I think thats not totally true if you have scanning capabilities in your app. The last thing a retailer wants is Red Laser driving your customers to another store.

The crowd was lively and the charismatic Renee Brack wrangled us all and FINALLY got to show us a video of her work with Borat and a hilarious Logie attempt with Chopper (around 2mins 50secs).

Here is the twitter twitter thread and a bunch of videos care of the fabulous Vimily team.

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  1. Chy
    August 23rd

    Thanks for being on the panel. It was another fun night with great comments and ideas. The showcases were also great.
    Chy : – )

  2. david
    August 23rd

    congratulations on a great night and on being the first non-spam comment on here for ages!

    I also re-added acknowledgement of Sophia (it got lost in the edit before) as she did a terrific job.

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