Anonymous is NOT Anonymous – App Segmentation

May 9

Anonymous is NOT Anonymous – App Segmentation

First, don’t think this is some “big-brother” post. Its not about that.

Apps are not like the Web

In the App world you have an opportunity to do 1-to-1 customer interaction in ways that you can’t do on the Web. When a user installs your App, they have showed some interest in your product/service and by installing are effectively “opt-ing in” to an engagement with you. This is where Mobile Engagement Automation really makes a difference.

This is quite different to the Web where 1 visit to a website does not constitute a romance. Lets have a look at two interesting pie charts.

A tale of 2 Apps – retention & engagement

Large Disengaged Userbase

App A: “Large Disengaged Userbase”

More Engaged Userbase

App B: “More Engaged Userbase”

Just by looking at these two charts and App developer can clean how people are responding to their App and what groups they need to focus on engaging.

The kicker in this story is that “App A” and “App B” – are actually the same App. So depending on how you engage with users, will make the difference in keeping users in your App.

Anonymous is not Anonymous

If you look at the slices:

  • Power Users
  • Moderate Users
  • Light User
  • Disengaged
  • Zombies
  • Newbies
  • Unreachables

are all segments of users who are normally considered to be completely anonymous! Not so in the world of App if you have the right tools and automation to make engagement happen.

Note also that “Registered” is the only segment that actually implies a logged-in (non-anonymous) users.

So – stop thinking like a Web person! In the App world you have great ways to reach and engage users, either in segments or even 1-to-1.


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