Apps revenue model choices across platforms

May 28

Apps revenue model choices across platforms

Not all developers care about making money – some are experimenting, having fun, learning and others are extending a product’s brand reach. But those who do care about making money, have a bewildering array of revenue model choices to choose from.

An app’s revenue model will depend on many apps developer considerations. Which is the target market and how much will users spend on the app? How are other successful apps in the same category making money? Should I drop prices to attract traffic and monetise through in-app payments? Will my app generate enough traffic to justify an ad-based revenue model? Can I create premium content that I can monetise via subscriptions? Does my target audience have a credit card on file to pay for app store purchases? Are Android users less likely to pay for downloading an app than Apple users?

Our research of 6,000+ mobile developers shows that there is no single revenue model that is dominant across all platforms. as the next chart shows. Developers will often use different apps revenue models on each platform. For example Angry Birds and WhatsApp messenger are paid apps in the Apple app store while they are free on Google Play. Read more…

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