Why do users stop using my App?

Jun 4

Why do users stop using my App?

If you’re asking this question, then you are not alone.  With Most Apps experiencing 70% disengagement in 3months. Most App developers and marketers are asking the same question.

The Answer….

….is contained in this simple diagram…


Click to enlarge

Here you get a snapshot of YOUR USERS automatically grouped into ENGAGEMENT SEGMENTS this view alerts you to your high risk segments (bubbles) and how effectively you are Keeping users in your App. For example, if you see:

  • Zombies bubble getting larger
  • Disengaged bubble getting larger
  • Tiny Power User segment

These are all sure signs that you are losing your users attention and you need to engage them before you lose them permanently.

So the next time you ask “Why do users stop using my App?” think about:

  1. Which users and what segments did they belong to/transition through prior to stopping?
  2. How could you have interacted with them to keep them engaged, understand them more or move them to another segment.
  3. What contact opportunities were missed along their journey.

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