Mobile Marketing Automation

Jun 4

Mobile Marketing Automation

The Mumbrella #m360 marketing conference just gets better every year and I’d be there now if I wasn’t stuck in a traffic jam!….Relax….I’m on a bus – not blogging and driving at the same time 🙂

Because the conference covers a lot of current user stories and panels, I think it superbly covers the “current state of play” and a small amount of emerging technologies – this gives the marketers a great opportunity to drive their business looking into the rear-view mirror!

I was offered a speaking role, so I thought I’d be a little bit cheeky with a provocative theme: “Your CRM is Dead: What you need to know about mobile marketing“. Since 2006 I’ve built businesses that deliver new technology to enhance decision making:

  • With ThreatMetrix that is real-time fraud decisions “in-the-cloud” which is fantastic but gets even better when the decision engine has access to some existing customer data. The problem is that its often buried inside the corporation and no matter how easy we made API’s the friction was always archaic internal systems.
  • With StreetHawk, we’ve learned that retailers have CRM’s and Loyalty systems that are outdated and very expensive (they are held to ransom by their vendor or system-integrator) to do a simple data lookup.

So, I believe that organisations that will survive and prosper in the real-time or right-time economy will be those that have turned their CRM INSIDE-OUT – that allow other real-time systems such as Mobile Engagement platforms

This obviously favours anyone who has implemented a cloud-based CRM.

So the presentation touches on this but also covers the evolution of Mareketing Automation and a Quick Methodology about how App owners can kick-start mobile marketing automation.

I’ve posted it on Slideshare (see below or find it here).

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