Mobile Engagement Automation in PhoneGap (Cordova)

Jul 11

Mobile Engagement Automation in PhoneGap (Cordova)

One popular post on our blog is about our PhoneGap and Cordova integrations – PhoneGap is a great way to get an App into market for iOS and Android:

  • quickly using HTML5 and Javascript for the App content and logic
  • and add StreetHawk for Marketing Automation or Engagement Automation.
  • Thats an extremely potent accelerant for getting Apps released and retaining users!

However, I’d forgotten that we’d vastly improved the integration to become a plugin and that is now available. If you have PhoneGap App, its literally a few minutes to add StreetHawk to it and immediately have a powerful way of doing mobile engagement automation!

So I stand corrected – here are the instructions to get you started – and this is the TL;DR:

$ cordova plugin add –variable APP_KEY=<YOUR_APPLICATIONS_APP_KEY>
$ cordova run android
$ cordova run iOS


And here is an Open Source sample App you can use to test it quickly.

This gives you access to:

  • geofences and background location
  • push and InApp notifications (both simple and all our rich options)
  • user segmentation
  • …and all the other great StreetHawk Mobile
  • we can also arrange iBeacon access for you if you contact us.

The StreetHawk plugins support 3.x. We also support 2.x but contact us as its the old integration style – a few more steps.

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