Whitepaper: Leveraging CRM data for right-time engagement

Aug 7

Whitepaper: Leveraging CRM data for right-time engagement

We often get questions from enterprise companies with Apps about how we make it easy to integrate with more specific customer information.

At StreetHawk we kind of take the technical details of this for granted because we do it everyday….its just second nature. We didn’t realise that many larger organisations have to:

  • educate their management
  • educate their IT teams
  • “be educated” themselves
  • present to the CMO

about how to intersect real-time mobile usage with existing data that may be locked up in a:

  • enterprise CRM
  • loyalty system
  • marketing system
  • or some other backend.

The goal is usually to provide a RELEVANT push notification or InApp interaction (deliver the user some personalised content, news or offer) based on the current context. In many organisations (especially enterprises) the CRM data is the “single source of truth” – but how to unlock it???

So we originally wrote a quick blog post to quickly explain the technical details but is now expanded to cover how CRM data is evolving to be used with real-time mobile platforms like StreetHawk. So if you’d like to get more detail and have a tool for presenting to your management or IT department┬áplease click on the image below!

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