Interview with “App Guy” Podcast

Sep 9

Interview with “App Guy” Podcast

Paul Kemp is a great podcaster who focusses on the Mobile space and has loads of previous meaty content – its a mix of technical and entrepreneurial content.

This link is to Paul’s latest podcast with your’s truly talking mostly about:

  • life as a startup founder
  • capital raising
  • my history leading up to the inception of StreetHawk…
  • …and stuff about ThreatMetrix and web fraud (a bit off topic for the StreetHawk blog but a great business going from strength to strength solving a huge problem!)

Of course there is discussion of:

  • user churn and retention in mobile Apps
  • why engagement is more important than downloads
  • what are zombies, what are real-time segments
  • lifetime value of your users
  • why you should time requesting users to “rate your App”
  • A/B Testing and “Champion vs Challenger”

You might find it easier to listen to instead of reading the blog – even if I find it traumatic to hear myself 🙂
BTW: Paul’s own site is here.

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