StreetHawk announces Xamarin Cross Platform support

Mar 19

StreetHawk announces Xamarin Cross Platform support

Xamarin’s cross platform App creation solution enables mobile developers to quickly and easily create applications on iOS and Android devices. However, once an application is released, most of them suffer from the challenge of keeping users in the App.

“Once a user installs your App, you now have the power to engage users through the lifecycle. For example managing the user “onboarding” experience, catching disengaged users and re-engaging them before they become ‘zombies’. You can even use MMA to help encourage a user toward an inApp purchase or sharing your App with their friends.” says StreetHawk’s CEO David Jones.

Here is a link to the full press release on Yahoo:

We’re pretty excited to be adding triggered push notifications, inApp messaging, iBeacons, Geofences, Mobile Marketing Automation and Mobile Engagement Automation to Xamarin and look forward to working with more developers working with cross-platform IDEs and tools.


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