Why App Deeplinks give Retail, Real Estate, Brands Superpowers

Jul 27

Why App Deeplinks give Retail, Real Estate, Brands Superpowers

Generally we don’t see paradigm shifts until it’s too late. Right now, content rich Apps such as Retail and Real Estate Apps can access Viral Superpowers previously unavailable to give users the ultimate experience and drive organic acquisition. So what does a Super Powered App look like?

  • You access engagement and location intelligence to give customers the content they love
  • You know the most powerful and engaged customers and you nurture relationships
  • You have an approach for Virality and a mechanism for User-Get-User
  • You give new customers the content they want on download, so they don’t get lost
  • You get customer intelligence uptick as you keep them in your App
  • And your viral-super powered loop continues….

Traditionally a “Bricks & Mortar” App will force customers to a website to view content and complete a transaction, or use email to retarget and acquire customers without a deeplink back to the App. This disempowers your Customers. They have chosen to download and interact via your App, so why distract them by forcing them outside to transact or enable them to receive/share inApp content to support a buying decision?

Email Campaigns du jour

So what’s wrong with an email campaign?

  • Emails are generally without time context. An email goes out at 8am with the intention to be read on the morning commute – but this is likely to be ignored.
  • Emails have no location context. If Retailers, Real Estate or Brands knew more about a users location, then relevance can be embedded in the email.
  • Emails send users back to the website for content. This is the big, big lost opportunity – your mobile customer has a poor experience and user intelligence is lost.
  • Emails usually contain no deeplink to App content so the chance to retarget the user and keep them in your App is lost

Don’t send clicks to a Website

If your customers already have your App installed, then its a huge mistake to give them links that send them back to the website. Each time you redirect an existing App user back to your website you cannibalize the intelligence you could have gained. This negative effect is magnified when emailing offers – its well known that location intelligence and relevance delivers superior offer conversion – so blanket emailing undermines your marketing efforts.

Deeplinks give Apps Superpowers

If you’re a “Bricks & Mortar” App, use App Deeplinks and you’ll:

  • send them to the right content in your App if they have the App installed
  • send them to the Web (or Appstore) if they don’t have the App installed**
  • and give a new user personalized content after installing (deferred deeplinks)

The immediate benefit is the consumer intelligence uptick I mentioned…you get:

  • a far superior “cookie” of user engagement than you do on the Web. You really know who the users is.
  • you get to know where and when the user engages with your content.
  • you can combine with Geofences and iBeacons to know if the communication resulted in a visit to your Bricks and Mortar locations.
  • you can even alter content based on a users location – e.g Display products related to the nearest physical location.
  • potential for user-to-user sharing

Accessing Viral Power: User-to-User Sharing/Referral

Member Get Member - Voda
Member Get Member - CitiOnce you’ve got great content in your App or in your Email campaigns that have App Deeplinks, then each time a user forwards the email or shares App content, you are potentially recruiting another App user. When you get another App user, you are getting deeper intelligence.

The great thing about Mobile User-to-User sharing is that with App Deeplinks you learn more about:

      • what content is shared
      • who is sharing the content
      • who are the big sharers
      • is the sharing increasing engagement of existing users
      • is the sharing recruiting new users?

How is this relevant to Real-Estate?

In case the geo-location-based and iBeacon examples above were not clear enough, there are plenty of use-case that I can explain to you – just drop me a note!

But the “world’s largest real-estate company” deployed App deeplinking and got:

      • 100% increase in new users for $0 advertising spend
      • 250% increase in retained “happy” App users.

Thats impressive numbers and definitely a use-case that any real-estate App or retailer would be excited about. So…who is this “world’s largest real-estate company?”….AirBnB 🙂


In conclusion, App Deeplinks are a paradigm shift and is a great driver for greater consumer intelligence and viral growth.  If you have more intelligence, then you can be more relevant, giving users the best customer experience.

** I don’t have the statistics but one study showed for best conversion:

    1. If the user has the App, then drive to App
    2. If not, drive toward App install not to website
    3. drive to mobile rendered splash page for the App converts better than sending direct to App/PlayStore.

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