GrowthHack downloads with Appstore Optimization

Sep 14

GrowthHack downloads with Appstore Optimization

In this episode of the Mobile Engagement Podcast, a completely different approach. Often at 500 Startups we have entrepreneurs give presentations. So I recorded this presentation from Aykut, the CEO of Mobile Action as I knew he’d have a lot of wisdom in Appstore Optimization (ASO).

It’s a long presentation on ASO tips and techniques around keywords, dealing with competitors and the Mobile Action platform. Even though its an advertisement for the product its also got some nuggets of wisdom – enjoy!



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(Introduction from Selcuk of 500 Startups)


So he’s pretty awesome. He’s a rock star and he’s found this company called “MobileAction,” that helps optimize app store rankings for a lot of the top mobile applications. And he’s going to help you figure mobile marketing – [inaudible]. Probably the best person again who is with us.

Thanks, so expectations per guy, right? [Laughs] So, yeah. I’m the Turkish guy. I actually like CloudUpdate because we’re just a small community in here. But I started in building the company here. I came to the area just four years ago, you can notice it from my English. I’ve done school until Friday, and came in Monday. And then, since last year, just doing some mobile stuff. But I started MobileAction two and a half years ago. Before that, I was a growth hacker. I was helping the companies to get back to “zero-to-hero.” I parked over 50 million downloads for bunch of the other—the companies I helped them as a consultant or just a part of the team. And then I started MobileAction. And recently, I had raised around $2 million, probably raised $3 million, the $500 million was the one up, invested in the last round, so that’s the reason. I just want to help you guys out, if ever you’re interested in appstore optimization space and other things. Have you heard anything about appstore optimization before? Okay, great. So, yeah this and this is very odd, getting one out, intentional tips. Our company is right now, we’re one of the fastest-growing last six to eight months, because we just launched our program April 15, probably kick the premium too, then we have about that much, the companies signed up and then using us. You name it, any company in the market, they’re just like working with us worldwide. They just love using our tool. Yeah, me, I just did try it, my first. Yeah, this is really like—pretty much, I love “dancing”, and then I just learned a lot of things myself. And then I used to spend 16 hours per day looking for 40 different keywords, and then necked out and more visible, because app discovery is broken as far as we know. And then right now, we have 4 million apps, okay it’s too much. [Laughter]

There’s 4 million apps in the market. And every day, more than 500,000 apps come in. And the problem is that a lot of great apps is out there, but you can’t find it. As an app developer or marketer or CEO of the company, if you’re building an app, user recognition is one of the things you got to figure out. Then, you can retain the users and engage them, and hopefully you can monetize. But user recognition is the one of the, you know, the hardest thing. And 60% of the people who are using or finding the app by keyword. It’s huge. I mean, like, same thing is in Google, right? You search something and you can find out. But in AppStore, there is no pin search. In Google, they just presumably build it. But still, the keyword part is one of the, you know, the easiest for me, because I’m focused in [0:03:52.1 inaudible], but it’s very out of place. I’m going to share with you guys—Yeah, I’m going to share with you guys how are you going to make your app more visible in the AppStore. And the people who are using our tool, they are seeing mapped organic increase around 18% when they’ve done our recommended actions. We have recommend action based on your app data. We do know every single apps in the market because we’re collecting 4 million apps every day. And we’re updating their data every three hours. And we’re working 8 billion data points every day, and then just make it happen, each action for every single apps. And when you build an app or just launching the tool and your app just started using MobileAction, and then that can help you, you know, to get your app to top chart without spending any money. The biggest thing was when I was working as a growth hacker. I didn’t spend any money. I was not because I really don’t like spending money if you don’t make any money. A lot of products in the market, they’re not in our food, they’re not in health, they don’t have anything, so why are you going to spend money? If you’re going to waste too much money, right? Even if you are, if there is one, still, you got to be careful. So this guy, you can see here, he wants to drink the water, but I think he’s not using the right tools to drink the water.

So after my presentation, I’ll give you my tips. You are able to learn a lot of things. So still, this, my tool, I didn’t put it in the presentation, but I want to show you guys each of the action. We built a tool and the tool is telling you what you need to do when you can take your data. Every app—I just want to show you, Uber example real quick—the people who integrated data, they can see monthly 15% of an increase when they follow the order of recommend action, try to process recommend action. Some of the actions are live. I just, because I’m the CEO of this company, so I just unlock all the actions. I’ll show you what is the secret. You can do it, and you’re able to start to make your app more visible. I built an app, it’s called “Florist Now.” It’s an app, like you can order flowers. But what I did in older years, just I think three years ago when I built this app, there’s no more making the flower keyword, or florist keyword, where you can order flowers. But the problem is that they have a very interesting seasonality like in Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. They’re just sending a lot of flowers. But after that, their app is invisible. So what we said at first, app discovery is broken? Number one place people find your app, by search; number two place, the top charts. Is there any way you guys finding that in the AppStore? Search top charts, and last thing is Apple might feature you, but this is something you cannot control, right? And the fourth thing and the fifth things, yeah, word of mouth, maybe you have friends who tell you, “Oh, this is the app you should download.” But appstore optimization, the rest of the part I’m not going to share with you today, but you can sign up and later, you can have it. Appstore optimization is not just only changing the app name or screen shot description and keyword. You’re optimizing every single thing that’s in your app. That’s the reason why there’s a company like us. We take care the rest of the part, but right now, I’ll just only want to give some appstore optimization tips.

So let’s just make it happen, each of the action. This action is like—it took me four years to build it, everything. But it kind of takes you to maybe 10 or 15 minutes to learn it, which I think sounds pretty good, right? So you got something sort of stored, one of the cool things I think still in app drawer, it is the term in SEO, like in the search column, right? You are able to know and you check the API, in the keyword section. It can tell you how popular is the keyword. There is no API for the app for our Google, in app stores. That’s the reason we’re the only company starting that how we can make these, you know, to differentiate each keyword phrases, then others don’t, I think, know what’s in it. Tell the people what is the meaning for that keyword for them. So the search score, we build something. It’s in the cache, and about a hundred, and will tell you how public this keyword is. So we do know everything is metered. If you start using the singular or plural, that’s the reason Recommend Action will tell you how it’s impacted, this recommendation. Then you could do, how it’s solved and keep reusing it, but never sending an update. You can just know that I’ll change it. Well, you got to do it in new action. Some of the action, not marketers, or some of your product guys, or designer guys are going to do it. And how you’re going to do it—everyone. So I’m going to keep going to our recommend action like that. Some of them, I’ll explain; some of them, I’m going to let you discover after this presentation.

And it’s cool thing how you’d get it done. We have to leave a block post every single action or video. You can go top up again. So—yes, is there a question? Use singular or plural forms of keywords, not both at the same time. So you can see that collecting [0:10:30.5 inaudible], that time is your score. You don’t need a thing, you can use the MobileAction keyword tracking tool like this. For example, “flower, florist.” My app is ranking right now at number three for top one or two. And what is the score, and while I check, I’m going to explain them. But you’re able to see that other apps. Boom. By recommendation. Our new UI is coming and it kind of tell us later the features in related action. That is number one. Number two, you can click the app icon, this is pretty much like everyone is, you know, knowing that. And that app icon is cool, why? Because a lot of—Apple recently launched a new tool. It’s called “Conversion Rate.” So your app might be viewed a lot of times, but you’re not rewarding them. If I can see it, or maybe they don’t get it, or some of the people, especially in the back space, where you able to see that, what the other people is doing or what your market, especially your landscape is using that. We have a beta. We do know that, for example, 60% of the health and fitness apps in top charts, they are using app icon, background color is blue. So I’m going to give you that premium access that is something you can get those inside for free. Okay. This is like the best thing, app icon is like helpful and you should do it. but I’m just going to—some of them, I’m going to explain some of the important things. Designing screen shots, I’ll give a short explanation. Sometimes, I see that is like people, they just put on a screenshot. For example, I am a Turkish guy, I build an app maybe in Turkey just using the word on, and then putting the screenshot. The people, you know their names or maybe like, you know, the screen shot is a little tricky. But you’re distributing most of your apps in US, it does not make sense, right? So that’s the reason why we have the—you just change the color, all of them doesn’t matter. Why? Because when the people search terms and if your ranking, it’s you know, the terms, they can end up to see your first screenshot, your app name, your app icon, and then a couple of your reviews. That is the place you can convince them to download or not. It’s pretty tough actually because I’m talking about 1.7 million apps in the App Store. I’m pointing like 9 million apps in annual. 95% of the apps in App Store we’re never using. So how are you going to get them? Do you have to download it? Yeah, screenshot is pretty important. We said it has a large impact, that’s the reason. We got solid the design, and what you got to do is you got to do it just once. It’s pretty cool. Just do it once and if you are thinking that as you would add a new feature or something you want to push it, you can change the screenshot. But one thing is you should not forget it. You can only change your screenshots, your metadata and your app name whenever you have an update in App Store. In Play Store, you can do it whenever you want to do it. In App Store, although you can do it and change it whenever you want to do the description, except description, you can’t change anything unless you don’t have new updates. But in Play Store, you can do it whenever you want to do it. This is the tips for the iOS. The new switch in our tool—by the way is everything you’re asking us free? You can add an Android app and then you can start seeing the daily recommendation, but I’m just talking right now iOS in general. Then I can jump in Android if it is necessary, or if you’re going to ask the question.

We said that—yeah, the most important is screenshot. Whatever you guys think, I’m sure you can do it. App video preview, that is something new, all throughout seven. You can do a video preview which is actually used by a pretty good in-game category, because a lot of games and a lot of games that are trying to do to win in that category. But the video is very catching, and if you can put it like, we said that is like how much you can do impressive, the ones, you know, design or colors, or you know the stuff they can get by this video, people more or less more likely will download it. So this is large in fact. They still need this resolved. I just put it out again. I don’t want to get in each of the detail, because this is mostly like we call it “mad science and art.” And every single action is—and I really like, you know, the topic to talk. But I just want to show you how you got to do it, using the right tool.

So identify and track your top competitor. MobileAction did something pretty cool thing in comparing the site. For example, the best things I ever learned in App Store knowing my competitor app better than my app. So why I’m saying that because there are people who have an awesome job maybe, and you don’t know it like how you’re going to do it. But if you’re like Uber, I want to give you the Uber data right now. And like, and I’m going to give you Sidecar and then what is that all about. And you’re able to see that, for example, as keyword tracking, or just talking keyword tracking, but I got to tell you that, the other stuff. For example. The cab viewer. So Uber is number two. Lyft is number four. I actually tried Uber again, well, let me just do it. So Sidecar is number three. Who’s winning? Easy Taxi, there you go. Now here for Easy Taxi. Take it out, the taxi keyword, who’s winning? It’s Easy Taxi. Maybe, you never heard Easy Taxi? Yes, me too. I never used it also too. But Easy Taxi also do a pretty good job in iOS. So let’s check that. Let’s add the “Uber” keyword. Is there other companies also ranking this term, right? Or, let’s say—okay, so Uber. Number one is Uber, yes. But this guy is also ranking number eight. Is this something that it looks like you came to call the cab? No. But the keyword title now. Our tool is helping you, why this guy jumped in number eight? Because whenever you usually know something, the keyword, it’s another nice example, so I’m going to tell you, especially, first for the character, it’s very important, the app name. If you put in something, it can rank. I want to show you another thing actually, it’s the list. Okay. This guy, I love this. So, right, Waze, across them, Uber in the list. So, if you click that guy, our tool, that’s how I built it, it gives you download estimation, everything. But what is a cool thing is that these are the top keywords they’re ranking. If your competitor is already taking keyword, which means they’re in the top ten, don’t use it. It’s because it’s already taken. How are you going past them? I’ll tell later in our recommendation. It’s another way, a secret so as you can do it, but maybe in another meeting, for example, we keep telling specifically adjust. But these guys, number 17, do you see it? They are number 16. Steal their ranking. But no one goes that much low, just scrolling down and checking out to number six, alright? People, according to the studies, 85% of them, they only check their top 10 result in each keyword in iPhone, and top 15 in iPads. Done. If you’re not in top 10 in iPhone or top 15 in iPad, don’t use that keyword. Other question? How are we going to find other keywords, right?

One example that they could emphasize, looking for the competitor. Who wants to see Uber’s data? No one. Okay. That’s fine. Okay, so let’s just do it. This is US data. In our tool, in premium, you’ll get five country data in enterprise and you can get unlimited. I don’t want to sell anything. I just want to show you how we’re going to do free things. So yeah, and then three, you’re probably not going to see, of course, you’re not going to see download estimation. But you can see, alright, this is great. So you can see that Uber’s top keywords: taxi service, they’re number one; using it. They’re number one; car service, they’re number one; don’t use it. You’re not going to win. Why? Because Uber is getting, have million downloads per week. If you’re going to get more than half a million downloads per week, you have a possibility to win. Maybe still you’re not going to win, why? Because Apple is already giving them, not just from simple, only looking for your download numbers or like what you put to this keyword. They’re also looking for the retention, your engagement. And then frequent usage of your app. And those are each elements. They’ve just taken that and then they’re most likely to put you on a better ranking or not. Let’s go back to those estimates. This is exciting, right? It’s not actually. [Laughter] I didn’t want to say yes. Okay. Cool. I’m really excited, thank you. Alright.

Let’s speak directions. Okay. What we said, find the most important keywords for your app name. So, I mean, it is very interesting in app name because the trademark is you see that as top ten results. Some of them is not doing what Uber is doing. But because of the Uber keyword search goes pretty high, some of them, was it, let’s take a look at it again, it’s something like over 40. For us, the meaning is it’s a very high search word, search keyword. So Uber won like 60-something, which will definitely bring you a lot of downloads even if you’re not, you know, an Uber-related app. But those users, are they going to retain or engage? It’s not a problem. But you still got the downloads. The goal as an app developer or marketer should be download numbers or should be more loyal and engaged users. You got to make to that decision. But I think so, it should be all of them, in the same time an app developer will make the best for everybody. But app name is not just some, for example, such is a great guy, and he has lots of ideas. He came up with, “Alright, this might be a good name.” But when he’s building an app, he should recheck the score of that, you know, the keyword, is this a high search score? One, you know that—I’m not sure with you guys—one of my friends, he built a company called Raise, buy-and-sell gift cards. He has a very successful company. He raised like $170 million out of a billion Dollar relations. I’m like, “He’s selling a lot of gift cards.” But I checked that his Starbucks gift cards search score as a keyword is pretty high. And then when I search it, just only five results came up, and not often, selling the Starbucks gift card. Yes, if do you want to buy the gift card or sell it, you can use Raise. But I said to my friend, “Why don’t you build an app, use an API of the Raise—this might be a good idea—and then just sell the Starbucks gift card?” Because Starbucks gift card has a search score of only five results which means you’re number six on the first day that you launched the app. And if you get more numbers, you’ll be number one or two. So like you realize that if you’re like, if you just got 11, and just start, no one can buy it, no one’s going to take you over. And he built it. Right now, he’s just only selling Starbucks gift cards using the API and making a lot of money, because he had won to that keyword. Boom. Okay. Right and easy at 80 of the 100 characters which is what something—you have shown the 50 characters. You can use this product. It’s free. But rarely do people use 1,800 characters.

Please do not let your developer to write your app name. Please do not let your developers to put the name here. Because why? Your developers, they’re great guys but they should do and work when appropriate. All right? I’m a self-taught developer. I studied Political Science in college and then I’m done like during between a fire patch and the one installed. And I’m a marketer who is a growth guy in product pursuit but still, if I had someone to do marketing better than me, I’ll let that person to do it because that’s not my line of work, right? But especially in app business, if you don’t download it for a thousand apps, don’t get an app business. Sounds like very aggressive, right? But it is excellent. Why? Because you’ll get the context. How many of you know the categories in an app store, do you know that? Sure, okay.

It’s 34, the categories in an app store and in-game category has over 20 sub-categories. So if this category has own dynamics and this guy, he’s in lifestyle category, do you see that, all right? So being in top 10 in lifestyle category, how much downloads you should meet to get it per day? That is something you got to do it and work on before doing even to build an app. I can tell you that you need a 45,675 downloads per day to be in the top 10 – this is today’s number. It can be different tomorrow because the market is changing, right? So that much downloads, are you going to get the page or are you going to get the firm organic, or are you going to get both? So 1,800 characters and don’t forget, first 40 characters is very important. Why for starting 40 characters important because when you have someone search your app, Apple’s just only showing that – I’m really very accomplished in the iOS because 85% of my client base, they’re making their revenue from my app. So I can talk on growth, I really want your full guidance. So you can see that it’s like – 30 to 40 characters is important because they already displayed it. Yeah, when you searched fantastic –these are the search terms, but that’s how they know they are listed, you can see the beauty of here is that first, if you had a video, you should, it’s better if you had a video, and then you can see there, you improve then, and you can see it that way.

Don’t forget this is important too. This is very important thing, utilize 100 characters. So which is like – I want to show you –, this is something we have put up.

[28:28 inaudible]

So like, this is like – we build also for app promotion plan for that because of this question. So for example, if you want to get in top 10 in lifestyle category because my app is right now, before that it was lifestyle, it’s telling me right now today because I got lots of downloads and that’s not why I need it, that’s the last – well it mainly conflict and all the stuff that I’m getting, So I connected my data and just tell me how much is left, I should get more and then be top 10 and we know every CPR in the market rate plus per install, we can tell who spent that much. If you talked in agency or head marketer, they’ll spend over than that because that’s all you need. That’s how we calculate it and we do like pretty much of every single app in the market, that’s the reason like we can tell about what you are doing. So this items connect, they’ll be your guide, and it should be your Bible or somebody call it like the “head book”. They’re changing every single—you know, the version of iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9. That’s telling you what you need to do. But metadata app, Apple is just only give you 100 characters. What is cool this part, in 100 characters, you only just get ranked 10-15 keywords because 100 characters, if you just put like tickets, tickets, last-minute tickets, something like that, you can only just put 10-15 keywords. But some of the companies like StubHub, I want to show you a keyword director, we build it, StubHub also had 100 characters, but they’re ranking over 40 keywords. How? This is like Secret Service, I’ve got to tell you. So you can see it, this is StubHub with their competitor, Ticketmaster, made yeah – these are the common keywords, you can see that, it had to had with their competition, but StubHub is there ranking like – the keywords, the Ticketmaster, they don’t rank. But StubHub is ranking with this keyword using 100-character, you know this spot. Ticketmaster was the same but take this Indie guy – what’s his name – fix something, okay, fix that. This guy just only utilized that much, but he is in the same spot like in StubHub’s. Apple’s algorithm is in play, they’re just looking for not just your metadata, they’re also looking for your app name, also, your user ratings. This is very important. Because why? User ratings is one of the indications for your retention and engagement. So Apple, for example, in the Uber case, if Uber wants to be the number one to ‘cab’ keywords, or like in a ‘taxi’ keyword, check it out. In the last 30 days’ review – we’ll pull that data too – you’ll see that last Thursday, they got that much reviews than their normal average rating is 2.93, but last Thursday, it’s 2.88. It sounds like they already won, these guys have already won, there’s a lot of data or something like that. But we actually know that is that category, travel category, it’s like – has a benchmark data, it’s last 30 days benchmark data – I’m just saying right now, I don’t look at the data, but if it is lower than a 4.2, your product guy should fix something, take it out. If you search the term the ‘crash’ keyword, I want to show you like, what is every – the crash. You see it, 2.26. The terms are repeated in app reviews, it tells you something, Okay, we’re going to do something with our product, right? Or let’s search the taxi keyword. Let’s say in a case, Uber and Lyft is their competitive taxi apps. In a taxi keyword, Uber is raised 4.38 which means that people are probably saying good things about them. Okay, I just finally – the Uber, it helped me get a taxi or something like that, right? You can list it, you can score it, put one star or five star. But if Lyft wants to win this keyword because we said that 63% of that discovered by keywords, Lyft should get more than 4.38. In a good case, if they’re going to say not many downloads per day, all right, let’s say they get a good thousand downloads every day, how are they going to bring that keyword, they’re going to get 4.38 in that much velocity? Something like that. So algorithm, it’s worked that way, that’s the reason as in a company like – Ticketmaster I showed it to you, they got ranked 40-50 keywords because they got a lot of reviews and ratings. So you got to engage your users and get more reviews. So we have a couple of action left and then after that, I’m just going to get your questions, if you have anything related to the topic. What do you guys think so far, is it useful? Alright, thank you. And I once surprise this, the guy who left it out, he’s not going to get the surprise, okay?


Okay. Do any of you have any keywords from your app there? This is the one biggest mistake people are doing. If you’re to put in your keyword in your app name, don’t put it in your metadata because it’s already limited, it’s 100 characters, why are you repeating? Because it’s not going to help you. You already got ranked because you’re using your app name, right? But only use it because you already put it on your app. Separate keywords using commas only. It’s good, it’s bad. If you all put in the space, it may be commas, if you include also the other characters. Every character matters, right? So the good point is sharp, don’t come up with the keywords, that one put in the commas because you got to sell in another 10 characters and you can put in any keyword. Track the performance of single and combination of keywords. The combination of keywords, we do call this little secret thing, not too many people know that. For example, these are the single phrases, this is the combination – we just cannot record it, the combination of the two. So you might have viewed the flaw rate in your app name and you used the deliberate keyword your metadata, but Apple’s combined your app name and your metadata and you can still write “flower delivery” so which is another way to get the extra keywords. So be careful what are you putting in your metadata and your app name, is this going to be combined by Apple or not? If it is very irrelevant, it’s not going to be called by right? So it’s science actually, you got to work on your marketers, not your developers, you take it out the chart score and then see that optimal ranking some keywords for example, “flowers,” the numbers went up. But why did you put it because some of the combination keywords there are ranking better. That’s the recommendation I’ll be doing. StubHub case is the same thing because I want to show you lots of things, lots of examples where you pull the StubHub, our tool is going to tell you which keyword they’re ranking already it because we just populate each keywords. These are the keywords they’re ranking, we already found it, it’s actually important keywords. So they might be ranking bad for the tickets keyword, they actually are not. They’re number one, it’s helping the combination because you see baseball, they’re number one; cricket, they’re number one. Yeah, there are certain scores of all, they’ve got too much downloads but still, the people who are searching these terms, they’re most likely to be turned to paid customer. Why? The people who start longer phrases, they are most likely to be the paid customer because they are searching something specific. They are not searching tickets, they are searching baseball teams, cricket teams, and they can be turning into paid customers. So longer phrases has less search score but better reaching. For example, these are all blue – I want to show some of the tickets, for example – they’re number two, but SeatGeek, they’re number one. So what is complimenting is when you start using this tool and then start tracking them as a competitor. I build this tool for myself because I was spending 16 hours per day using different tools and it makes me more smarter because I do know, for example, is sometimes if I missed my competitor or if I don’t know it, I can just search keyword, they might reckon already or they might be winning and I can able to know them. And you can able to see that for example, StubHub is right now – two years ago, you can see that shift, they are just an online company but right now, they’re getting more and more mobile in the company. Why? The company like SeatGeek, you see that they’re just like 100% mobile company, mobile-only company then they just – I think there’s something like that recently but they are winning. Everybody used to think that okay, StubHub is a competitor of Ticketmaster but it’s actually not because SeatGeek is pretty – they have good ratings and reviews and they already winning those keywords spot. So yeah, after that position, it takes time like an SEO but the new site doing that, at least once a month, you’ll have a chance to see that, what is working and what is not. Are you going to track every day because you’ll see now the numbers goes down and up, that’s the reason like we build up daily reports you’ll get it, everyday free daily report, are we just going bad or good, something like that. So you can see that their competition had to – they’re going to beat without myself first. SeatGeek is increasing within all 5%. – That’s another, the future of the app. So I’m going to open, not a surprise, are you guys ready for the—let’s do it.

So everything is what I mentioned today, you came here for the free trial, for sure. And you’re able to go ahead yourself and every action has an explanation. And then video or like stock images, or whatever, something we’ve done already as a case study, you can find it. For today, we’re just small but very engaged group. I want to give you guys one month free, play around. See that you get the numbers and estimation. And for every tool, you can use a lot of things. Our own estimation is directed on keywords. But successful apps who wants to win that category or wants to make more money, spending no money, just growing organically, they should be ranked at least 45 to 50 keywords. And then, they should be like utilize the 80 characters of the app name, 100 characters of the metadata, and also get user ratings. I cannot tell you specifically the benchmark data, because I don’t have your apps. But if you have any app or app that you’re listed over the App Store/Play Store, you should know our e-mail. My e-mail is Aykut, it’s spelled “A-Y-K-U-T,” And now, just running back to you guys. That’s the express [0:42:03.8 inaudible], it’s just only available for today. So if you’re going to use—[Laughs] I’m serious. So yeah, let’s kill it today. So any questions?

One question, is it possible to get over a score of 50?

So under 50 is your search score or the visibility score?

The visibility score?

Visibility score. So it is, for example, like the visibility score, I didn’t focus too much, but it’s your combination of your current ranking, your category rating, your user rating. So it depends on like how frequently you get updated. But it’s also your category ranking, pretty dominant for that visibility score. It is because why? Last month, Apple team’s category for iPad on the apps and the iPad-compatible apps, so it’s very easy than before right now. We are actually planning to write a blog post about this. I can shoot you over. Are we going to do it? Yeah, visibility score is 50, pretty good. But after that, you might be listing some of the keyword visible rank, or dominant members. Because 8+ apps, they’re really building the game, because why? They’re top 10 or top 50 of their category. Also, they have over 15 to 20 apps, I’m sorry, keywords. They’re ranking number one. So being number one is the cure. Being number two is okay. I mean, to be honest, I don’t really even check the top 10. I only check top 3, if it is keyword-related. Some of the apps are the brand names, like Tindr. No one is trashing Tindr and downloading another app. If you’re into the dating space. But if you’re not, you would definitely end up with Tindr. But Tindr also still gets like three singles, or hookup, I don’t know. Those are the keywords. Why? Because people also searching “hookup,” Why? Because a lot of new, you know, the iPhone owners, they’re joining every day, right? So last thing is, so you got to utilize not just on your keyword ranking, also get better, you know, the keyword ranking, instead of being top 10, you’re number one. I give you the key source on how you’ll be number one, MobileAction is your key source.

Just the last couple of years, there’s been ISO specialists. Is this still true in this space? Is this something that you can do internally? I really love the way this is kind of actually landing.

We can get you as a partner. Because why? We used to be a service company, but we don’t go anymore with service. But people like, everybody is asking, “How am I going to make so much impact, if they don’t have any team members or they don’t have that group to do it.” I would just start telling them, “You should work hard.” I work with 40 partners. If you want to be a partner or a specialist, we have a certification program. You can just watch the old videos and then take a test. If you pass—

How many hours will it be released? Do you think you should be using this tool like this?

Yeah, our tools we’re developing, we’re building some new feature set. There’s a data for it. We’ll tell you guys how frequently your competitors are updating your app. Or you can get constant alerts like whenever they change something. Or they passed like 50,000 downloads per day. Something like that. Yeah, you could do like at least, alerts and you’d get notified. That’s what we’re working on. And it makes you the top of the game because we’re kind of like the specialist. You can say that your client base or your companies deserve top 5 things you got to do. But the cool things in these actions, that’s the reason like I want you that if you have an app, you can connect your data. You’ll get better recommendations, because we know your app pretty much better than you, because we know the landscape. And we’ll tell you what you need to do and what you shouldn’t do. Yeah, that’s pretty much.

Is there anything you can do in the quality of the data and in the sub-genre of things, how’s the strategy been?

We’re absolutely like, as a customer base, we have every single categories. There’s a data point—so in a data point, we do know every single categories. But the big customers, we have lots of games, in every single of the shop categories. But we mostly like eCommerce, I don’t know, because I like making money first thing, and just love the element of it. So that’s the thing. But the games were pretty good. The countries, we are good. We’re giving every major country in iOS, and top 10 countries in Android. But in iOS, I can tell, yes, you get France, Germany, Canada, these are the top ones, China, for sure; Japan, in other countries, like we have pretty much 95% accuracy for the data. We’re having Hong Kong, we’re having some other, the interesting, Australia is pretty good actually. But acquisition, like we have barely, I can tell you, all the 400 signed up, the companies, like they’re giving us. And then, yeah, 70% or 80% of them, they connect their data to get better recommendation. And we’re just transforming the action for Europe, because we know your data and we know market data. We just know what you need to do. That’s pretty much it, yeah. Any question? Alright. You have the promo cards? You’ll enjoy it. You still have 15-day try-outs. So you can’t have extra charge today. So you have half month. So after that, you can cancel if you don’t like it. But if you’re going to make money, don’t spend money. That’s what I can tell. And then, anything great, so we have a pretty good blog. But shoot me an e-mail if there’s anything that I can do. But most probably, the part is you got to do a lot of intuition and optimization to see which one works pretty much. Thank you so much for the opportunity to listen to me. We’re just working on it for enterprise, but we’ll launch it this year.

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I think so. We’re still working on that part. But yeah, so far we sold at it as like usage of this product, it’s not just on the app, you know, the market focus, financial institutions, they like this data, and then just pull off the stuff that they’re on. Yeah, for example, the stock market, it’s very interesting. Yeah. We’ll work on this things. Cool.

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