Mobile Growth Meetup notes

Feb 17

Mobile Growth Meetup notes

Here are Linda’s notes from the Mobile Growth Meetup last night. Its not a long read, but has great points from teams who are on the leading edge of making mobile Apps work.

Mobile Growth SF Bay Area w/ 500px, Gogobot, Instagram, & Zynga

The People  
Ellen Desmarais, Head of Marketing @ 500px
Zaid Al-Husseini, VP of Product @ Gogobot 
Joshua Lu, Director of Product @ Zynga
Moderated by Ryan Kulp, Growth, GrowthX

All Apps are competing for attention – its very difficult to get visibility against deep-pocketed competitors in advertising.

Zynga is a mobile-first business so “Retention is Growth”. Push is a great channel as long as the user is getting value from session. This is about contextual relevance, something we write about often in blog posts. Its the reason why push campaigns can’t be just segment blast. They need to be “1-to-1” in “right-time”

How do you work around the mobile constraints?

  • Be across and optimize all the channels for retention – push, sms, email, inapp
  • Experiment with soft prompts to optimize push acceptance. See our blog posts on this exact issue. Again, its about providing context to WHY you want to send them push.
  • Push email and SMS need to be viewed as retention  channels so Optimise for push notification enablement…this is the point above.
  • Doing push right is critical, if you don’t you will increase App abandonment (uninstalls).

How to use push for reviews?

  • Reviews should be prompted after the user had a winning experience. (Check out this Best Practices document in our Dashboard).
  • A 4-star review has a significant on  in Zynga impact on AppStore conversion
  • Review prompts are important as reviews drive rankings. Prompt for a review after a positive experience not on their first transaction. Like: “are you enjoying us yes or no”.
    • If yes ask for a review,
    • if no then ask why! Take the opportunity to filter bad reviews before and learn! Check two of our podcasts (here and here) on catching bad reviews.
  • Never ask reviews after a major release – users don’t like change! It’s risky 🙂
  • If you invite a friend with the right context and give a personalised experience can get up to 35% higher conversion rates. This is where StreetHawk deeplinks can easily support the process.

Getting featured is a great way to drive downloads. It’s a proven to be the most effective acquisition tool. Apps less known actualy have an advantage so take the timeo make the contacts and work hard for the review

Don’t forget content marketing is a great growth channel. Reach your audience early with blogs and get a loyal following well before you App is launched.

When you are thinking about your content marketing – make sure you don’t forget about “Product Channel Fit”! This is important. I’ll write a blog post on how StreetHawk maps acquisition channels to low and high value segments.

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