The Art and Science of Personalizing Mobile Apps

Apr 4

The Art and Science of Personalizing Mobile Apps

Here are Linda’s notes from the “The Art and Science of Personalizing Mobile Apps” meetup at General Assembly in San Francisco (Bush St.)

The panel was a bit different, these folk seemed more product focussed – the people who were actually DOING the work, so the quality was high. The companies on the panel were:

  • Doctorondemand
  • Mighty Bell
  • Getaround
  • Pandora
  • Invoice2Go

The Art and Science of Personalizing Mobile Apps

Here are the key takeaways on personalization considerations for Mobile Apps :

  • For a B2B App it’s important to give small business and contractors the opportunity to “make it their own” let them personalize their experience on Registration – like logos, branding and important company information. It’s also important to allow for personalization over a wide range of industries.
  • For on demand apps – location data is critical. The first experience needs to be highly personalized to give users a good experience and good choices.
  • Today Mobile users have a high expectation for personalization. They expect Apps to make recommendations based on personal interests.  Personalization needs to start from first experience. If an App is not giving a compelling first time experience, the there is a missed opportunity to delight. This is the competitive advantage Apps need today and you need to give users a personalized experience to bring people back.
  • The biggest challenge for an on demand App is marketplace, knowing when to kick off new markets, when to open up the next neighborhood. The next challenge is to show immediate worth to get people coming back to your App. For Getaround means proposing the right car based on personal needs, making sure the car is clean and undamaged. Feedback loops are a critical part of product design to ensure owners are maintaining cars and renters are not trashing them.
  • It’s important to personalize the user’s experience, based on where they are in the customer journey. For a B2B App like Invoice2Go subscribers are given a different experience to non subscribers. When users come back to the App, they are given a different experience depending upon where they are in the customer engine. For example, if a user has created their first invoice they are returned to the analytics section to demonstrate value.
  • Pandora is a great example of where personalization is built into the product – as use increases, we learn more and personalization increases.
  • Creating a valuable connection to is the foundation of retention. However, Mighty Bell found that using personalization in push notifications more than doubled retention.

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