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Sep 1

How to calculate retention and churn uplift

There is a good posts around the web on user retention for websites but Mobile App developers initially focussed for a (long, long) time on “Downloads” as a measure of credibility. Now the App industry is maturing rapidly to understand that every App is a leaky bucket – that you lose users over time and

Aug 7

Whitepaper: Leveraging CRM data for right-time engagement

We often get questions from enterprise companies with Apps about how we make it easy to integrate with more specific customer information. At StreetHawk we kind of take the technical details of this for granted because we do it everyday….its just second nature. We didn’t realise that many larger organisations have to: educate their management

Jul 22

How to send your push mobile notifications

Introduction StreetHawk supports a myriad of rich Push (Apple APN and Google GCM) and InApp notifications, triggers and content, e.g: Open your registration screen or your offers screen Show then a video inside the App or Launch Youtube externally Send them to the AppStore to Rate or Upgrade your App Plus much more…. This is

Jul 16

Use your enterprise data to personalise App user engagement

Simple and Secure Integrations Some sectors (such as banking) are extremely sensitive to customer data outside their own firewall or cloud. We totally get this – previously founding ThreatMetrix to fraud detection for customers makes me pretty aware of what our customers want to share. With StreetHawk we want App developers to be able to

Jul 14

How to Maximise user upgrades of your App

If you are constantly iterating your App, you want all your user’s to keep up (if it will improve their experience). Its tough getting upgrades of your App to your latest version because so many Apps are doing it all the time.  Heres a few tips to consider. 1. What does my current installed user

Jul 11

Mobile Engagement Automation in PhoneGap (Cordova)

One popular post on our blog is about our PhoneGap and Cordova integrations – PhoneGap is a great way to get an App into market for iOS and Android: quickly using HTML5 and Javascript for the App content and logic and add StreetHawk for Marketing Automation or Engagement Automation. Thats an extremely potent accelerant for

Jul 9

StreetHawk supports Android Wear (LG G Watch example)

Getting into Wearables Its no suprise that StreetHawk is staffed with Geeks and so its common to “wander off the path” and get interested in stuff thats just not relevent. We’ll call that therapy 🙂 On the surface Google’s announcement of the “Android Wear” SDK might seem pretty irrelevent to mainstream business but us geeks

Jul 4

Why iBeacons are just a data point not a solution

I’ve posted two videos I did for a presentation about user lifecycle and user journey. From my previous posts about iBeacon hype its clear that a lot of people are inspired and confused by the potential of iBeacons and I wanted a simple way to put it in context. The simple truth is that in

Jun 20

6 New StreetHawk Features

Making User Engagement Easier Over the last month our awesome backend and front-end teams have quietly added a bunch of new features that help both Developers and Marketers. Our mission is to make user engagement easier for you and that means: meaningful user segmentation visual identification of where churn is happening be able engage users

Jun 12

Echelon 2014 Report

Warning: this is one of those “airline lounge” essays – a brain dump. I’ll get back to normal blogging later today with continuation of the  “How to understand who your users are” series. I just spent a few days at Echelon 2014 conference in Singapore. Echelon is a conference specifically bringing together innovative tech companies with