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Apr 17

The challenges for Video in Mobile Engagement

In this podcast series we ask experienced Appreneurs for one success story and one fail. In this episode of the Mobile Engagement Podcast: Incoming Media is a fascinating technology that uses “Machine Learning” on the user phone/tablet to adapt to the user’s video viewing patterns and therefore pre-load future for future consumption. They are attacking

Feb 17

2 User Acquisition Tips for B2B Mobile (Podcast)

In this podcast series we ask experienced Appreneurs for one success story and one fail. In this episode of the Mobile Engagement Podcast: Glen Coates, CEO of Handshake. Handshake is an App and a platform for sales order entry – typically for Wholesalers dealing with retailers instore or at tradeshows. Glen shares how their App

Dec 24

Podcast: Why some Mobile Design Patterns Fail – test with your users

In this podcast series we ask experienced Appreneurs for one success story and one fail. You get actionable ideas for your Apps in just 20 minutes (well…26minutes this time!). Here I speak with Henry Cho, a UX guy with over 10 years in Mobile UX and has been the design force behind pureplay mobile startups

Nov 24
Example Onboarding Screens

Increasing opt-ins by deferring iOS permissions requests (Push, Location etc)

[UPDATE: Also check out a more recent post on best practice iOS permission handling]. In a previous post I wrote about the focus that Apple & Google have on increasing the utility of push notifications – specifically to support that your phone/tablet is rapidly becoming the inbox and remote control for your life. But I

Sep 10
3D cinema experience

Mobile Marketing Automation and Marketing Automation

The Explosion of Marketing Automation (on the web) Marketing automation software has exploded in the last few years with solutions integrating with websites and email. Its hard to walk down the streets of San Francisco without tripping over another Marketing Automation startup! But this explosion has run parallel to the growth of mobile. When it comes

Jun 4

Why do users stop using my App?

If you’re asking this question, then you are not alone.  With Most Apps experiencing 70% disengagement in 3months. Most App developers and marketers are asking the same question. The Answer…. ….is contained in this simple diagram… Click to enlarge Here you get a snapshot of YOUR USERS automatically grouped into ENGAGEMENT SEGMENTS this view alerts you to your high

May 29

How to understand who your users are (Part 1)

How to understand who your users are (HINT: Its not getting their email address) Its a common problem that most App developers launch and hope that the usage just “hockey sticks”. The reality is that never happens and it takes a lot of learning to get scale/traction/growth. As a basis for the post, I’ll start

Mar 4

Get Users Back Into App! – Retention, Churn and Engagement

This presentation gets plenty of hits on slides are each week so takes look if segmenting, targeting and engaging users is important to you! (Yep that’s everyone) Get Users Back Into Your App! – Retention and Engagement from David Jones The key points are points relate to the size of the App market and the

Feb 13

A/B testing guide for mobile marketing message

You know that some experiments just won’t work: But for Right Time Marketing, it is about finding that perfect balance of person, time, intention and location to provide the most effective offer or message. So what is that perfect balance? And how do you match it with the most effective call to action? These questions

Jan 22

Increase App installs through star ratings

With now over a million active Apps in both the App Store and Google Play, it’s more vital than ever to rank highly on search results. So vital, in fact, there is rising demand for a new field of App Store Optimisation (ASO), the App equivalent of SEO. But just as web search engines are