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Mar 23

Mobile Growth: MyFitnessPal

In this podcast series we ask experienced Appreneurs for one success story and one fail. In this episode of the Mobile Engagement Podcast – MyFitnessPal. Nick Crocker from MyFitnessPal talks about the journey of mobile growth to 165Million App users. The big takeaways from this talk are: The power of “first-mover advantage”. MFP was early

Mar 17

Retain or Die. App Retention notes from #Growthclinic meetup

In San Francisco meetups can be extremely high quality and Amplitude had a great meetup last night – the theme was “Retain or die” and so the focus was both web and mobile audience engagement and retention with very strong panels and great questions from the audience.  Below is a dump of notes that Linda and I thought were insightful,

Feb 17

Mobile Growth Meetup notes

Here are Linda’s notes from the Mobile Growth Meetup last night. Its not a long read, but has great points from teams who are on the leading edge of making mobile Apps work. Mobile Growth SF Bay Area w/ 500px, Gogobot, Instagram, & Zynga The People   Ellen Desmarais, Head of Marketing @ 500px Zaid Al-Husseini, VP of

Feb 5

Questions to Ask When Creating Your Viral Loop

Part four of our blog series about how to “Grow a viral loop and reduce churn” will focus on what you really need to know before you start building virality into your app. We’ll also talk about how to to optimize and maximize reach, optimize response rates, combine retention with virality, and explain how to

Feb 4

Geolocation Ads, Retargeting, Promises & Fiction

<philosophy>I’m sure the job role at many enterprises is sorting the truth in vendors’ claims – it must be a full-time job! It’s not that vendors are intent on being inauthentic, it’s just that tech gets easier to understand on the surface but harder to innovate on for every single channel/device/use-case that gets thrown at

Dec 21

Podcast: Better onboarding by recording sessions

In this podcast series we ask experienced Appreneurs for one success story and one fail. In this episode of the Mobile Engagement Podcast: Kishan Gupta is CEO of UXCam discusses how most Apps don’t really know how their users experience the App UI. Kishan had an idea to get better feedback to developers and product

Dec 14

Optimizing Viral Growth Methods to Reduce Churn

This is part three of our blog series about how to “Grow a viral loop and reduce churn.” There are several types of outreach methods that we can look at and optimize for the best results when it comes to spreading viral growth. Optimizing Share Rate The core of the viral loop comes from the incentive

Dec 2

Quantifying Viral Loops With the K-Factor

The viral loop we discussed in the previous post is something that has to be continuously measured and optimized. In order to do so, we must measure and quantify exactly how much virality we have, which can be done with “k-factor”. Looking back to that viral co-efficient we explained last time, the k-factor is the

Dec 1

Activation and retention tips from Kik Messenger

I ran across an interesting article this week about what messaging App “Kik” treats as priority.  Here is the link. It won’t surprise any longer-term readers of this blog what Kik focus efforts on: “If you have less users coming in the door than you have leaving, you don’t have a viable product. If you

Nov 8

Grow a Viral Loop and Reduce Churn

Growth hacking and customer acquisition are among the most difficult challenges faced by any new company, especially one where maximizing downloads after launch of an app is involved. The role of “Growth Marketer” is a relatively new one and where you increasingly see companies willing to invest money in hiring an experienced and successful professional