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Aug 5

The Golden Trifecta of Mobile Advertising

My Post for ADMA – out today. You can also hear David Jones (my co-founder) and I speak at the upcoming ADMA Forum, 15 – 18 August. Me speaking at the recent ADMA Digital Council breakfast on the future of mobile shopping. The dress is purple in keeping with our brand. Everything I seem to

Aug 4

The Mobile Crystal Ball – Online/Offline Convergence

A bit of a commitment to watch, but this presentation by futurist Gerd Leonhard is a great summary of where mobile is moving. It is not really just about travel… The main takeaways: * Online/ Offline Convergence – it is the one space. * Going direct is the new default. If you are going to

Aug 3

Mobile > Desktop Users within 5 YEARS*?

My bet is that it will be much faster than that. I am a betting lady, but this seems to be a no-brainer to me with the current rate of smartphone and tablet adoption. I downloaded a whitepaper today, Webtrend’s ‘Developing a Strategy for Mobile Maturity and Investment’. It was OK, but it did list

Jul 27

An Open Letter to the Australian re. Amex

Comments on Fran Foo’s piece  ‘Amex launches Facebook couponless deal’ I am the CEO of an Australian start up who is building a mobile shopping app in this space. I am currently keeping a keen eye on overseas trends in mobile shopping/ offers. We are also pitching ourselves as the antithesis of Group Buying as

Jul 22

84% use mobile while shopping

Today’s shoppers are no longer alone while they shop – they have their trusty phones out, and in use. But what are they doing with their phones when shopping? This is something every brand and retailer needs to get to grips with – and fast. Shopping behaviour has NOW CHANGED, but as brands struggle to

Jul 14

Mobile + Retail – The Future Picture

This was put together by the Ogilvy team after SXSW this year. I think it summarises the concerns and potential of mobile in retail really well. And as we keep saying – it’s all about the data!

Jul 14

4 tips for retailers on mobile commerce

With “End-of-Financial Year” out of the way we wanted to kickoff with some tips for retailers to think about in the second half. Our goal is to help educate retailers about location-based services to help start the fightback against eCommerce! 1. GET UP TO SPEED Get a smartphone, if you are not already across the

Jul 8

Retailers: paper flyers are a waste of money

StreetHawk’s HQ is in the CBD of Sydney – so we have a good handle on local retailer marketing methods. Because retailers are busy, they may not yet realise there are emerging smartphone location-based (LBS) marketing opportunities. Over the last few years, eCommerce has increased customer acquisition significantly via internet and StreetHawk wants retailers on the

Jul 7

Accenture Study: Retailing in an Era of Mobility (July 2010)

An oldie but a goodie, this study made the future look bright for retailers using smartphones to drive instore sales. Now we are a year on, their insights are bearing out – high rate of adoption of smartphones, high uptake of location based coupons etc etc etc. (Big thanks to Paul my hubby for passing

Jul 5

Social on Mobile – not just for Gen Y

As the phenomenon of So-Lo-Mo (Social, Local, Mobile) continues to play out, we will find more and more relevant stats about why this space is so relevant for advertisers. It’s really hard to find much around the demographics of who is using mobile and apps – especially in Australia. But what some retailers have told