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Jun 25

Checkins, Apps & Group Deals Infographic

Seriously, Groupon Now is still asking for 50% commission on its mobile offers? I guess it’s making hay while the sun shines. Click through to see the whole infographic

Jun 25

Mobiles drive luxury instore traffic

David and I addressed the ADMA Digital Council on Thursday to speak about what’s happening in the mobile shopping space overseas. (We concentrated on the US because retailers are trailblaizing the use of smartphones there). One thing that is apparent is that its not just high street stores making use of all the technologies available

Jun 23

Smartphones -the new retail lightsaber?

Australian retailers can no longer afford to bury their heads in the sand and hope the online menace will go away. When retail is at a 20 year low and sales are going online and offshore at unprecedented rates, it is time to take stock and think about how to get people back to stores

Jun 17

“In-store” SmartPhone Infographic

We decided to make an infographic of the statistics in Natasha’s “HARD TO LEAVE HOME TO SHOP?” post. Tell us what you think? (Download instructions below fold). Download

Jun 15

Hard to leave home to shop?

I have to say I have never found this a problem. I just shop everywhere; at home, on the train, during work and ‘play’ time, in shops and online. I can even do it while entertaining my toddler son and talking on the phone at the same time. Now that’s multi-tasking! But it seems that

Jun 15

This Wheel’s On Fire

This wheel’s on fire Rolling down the road Best notify my next of kin This wheel shall explode ! Yes I am a H-U-G-E Bob Dylan fan. I am glad that’s now out there, as it says something about my character quickly (8 words in fact). I am currently ‘on holiday’ in Byron Bay where

Jun 9

Amplify Festival

Plenty of inspiring commentary, people and content going on at Amplify Festival. If you get a chance to listen to recordings of the mobile panel (Thursday morning), you will hear plenty of descriptions of personalisation leveraged from mobile devices. The ability to provide engagement in a “right-time” rather than “real-time” is exactly the right way

Jun 7

Groundswell of Mobile in retail – Report

JiWire has released their “Q1 Mobile Audience Insights report“. Its a pretty interesting report with naturally increasing trends – whilst the report reflects North American behaviours, it is indicative of local trends as well. Two particular points stand out: Mobile (and specifically) Location Based capabilities are now being used for much more than Google Maps

Jun 6

NFC – tastes great but how long to bake?

Back in February the (roughly simultaneous) announcements from Google and Samsung Galaxy S support for NFC created a lot of excitement. Not least me! Then the rumours of Apple’s iPhone5 including NFC swung from positive to negative and so did my mood! Winding forward to May and Google announces Google Wallet along with Visa reconfirming

May 17

Adwords for the Real World

  I became involved in StreetHawk because I like shopping, and I especially like shopping for deals. I am famous for this (at least amongst my friends!), and because of that David approached me to be a StreetHawk¬†co-founder. Besides being an outstanding shopper, David also knew I was a direct marketing specialist, and that my