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May 17

Loyalty: a conversation, not a word

  I politely reply “No thank you” to the cashier at the local Pharmacy after buying some vitamins. It was the 3rd time this month they’d asked me to sign up to their loyalty program. It’s not the last time I’ll say “No”, and hopefully I will still say “thank you”, or maybe I’ll eventually

Apr 6

KISS (Keeping it simple) in Retail LBS

Complex technology underlies the simplicty of Mobile LBS. Its so complex it should have a four letter acronym (MLBS)! The pace of change now is frenetic – retail is undergoing tremendous upheaval and there will be many who don’t survive. New technologies like mobile will change local commerce and retail forever and its going to happen

Feb 9

LBS & Shopping outside San Francisco

For those who listen (or are part of) the hi-tech echo chamber that is known as “Silicon Valley” – its easy to believe that mobile commerce was solved many years ago – this is because much venture capital is poured into marketing of solutions looking for a problem. However, its true that now we have

Feb 5

LBS Gives Companies Eyes On Rivals

One of the interesting uses of location data is not just to target consumers with that mythical Starbucks coupon as they pass by. Companies will increasingly use location data to find when a consumer is at a rival’s location, giving the company important insight about consumer habits, the effectiveness of the company’s marketing efforts and options