Demonstration Videos

It takes just 4 easy steps to get started

4 Easy Steps to Get StreetHawk into your App.

PLUS developers get the power of:

  1. Installation, Usage and even Crash Reports tied to users and devices
  2. Report on user installations, settings and usage
  3. Tag your user with a simple line in mobile code, then make campaigns targeted at those tags
  4. Link “real world” geo-locations and iBeacons to your App
  5. Easily Drag-and-Drop rules to create campaigns
  6. Target specific segments of users and run campaigns in minutes
  7. Link your loyalty/ CRM to deliver location-based marketing


Other Mobile Relationship Management Use Cases:

  1. Send an “on-boarding video” to get users started
  2. Run Surveys for Feedback after a transaction or (in the case of gaming), completing a task/level
  3. If your EDM emails are bouncing to some users, ask them to update their email address
  4. If your EDM emails are unopened by some users, send them news in push
  5. Remind users who have Favourited Product that its nearby when they enter a Geofences
  6. Send Loyalty members a coupon
  7. Thanks Recent purchasers or encourage not-so-recent purchasers
  8. Targeted lists from your CRM
  9. …or combinations!

Quick Overview

Geofences and Beacons

Custom Audiences for Re-Engagement & Look-a-like Acquisition

Deferred Deeplink Introduction

Referral Programs with StreetHawk

Use-Case: “Onboarding new users with Deep-linking”

Use-Case: “We’ve missed you” news/offers for users who have stopped opening the app