StreetHawk Deeplinks


Apps without Deferred Deeplinking lose 70% of their users by Day 3.


Get Growth through Your Most Valuable App Users
Know which Organic & Paid Channels get Better Users
Drive sharing with Viral Analytics & Engagement Automation.

  • Drive up your ratio of organic (unpaid) to ad-based (paid) user acquisition
  • Attribution and tracking of your most viral users and channels (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Email, SMS)
  • Track your power sharers and segments.
  • Deferred Deeplinking for new installers. Direct Deeplinking for existing App users
  • New installers get the content they WANT without being forced to register & login
  • Personalized deeplinking REDUCES App install abandonment
  • Who is sharing and inviting the most? Who else fits a similar behavioral profile?
  • Run Referral rewards based on new installs or share/clicks, view reports or webhook to your own reward system using our API
  • Encourage engaged and loyal users to become promoters via shared content or sending deeplinked invites to friends
  • Create the “Engine Room” for growth and virality

Most analytics packages look pretty but aren’t actionable. StreetHawk’s deeplinks let you:

  • know your most valuable channels
  • learn which sources bring high value users
  • link real-time segments & campaigns